TGP Podcast Episode 2: Flicks, Friends, and Father Knows Best

Back in full force for Round 2! And coming soon to itunes.

In this show:

“Ask the Guys” We try to save Jeff from Chick Flick purgatory, by offering our picks. Otherwise he’ll be banned to the garage for the third cleaning this month.

“Father Stories” This is just what dad’s do! A late night camping story.

“Stream of Consciousness” From Hybrid Cars, to toothpicks, to Iron Man. THE GUYS take a circuitous route and end up where they started…..kind of.

“The Meat” Do guys take walks together? Do we dare reveal who we really are!? An extension of the topic introduced on our blog.

Next Podcast: Friendships with the opposite sex, plus some new segments!


13 Comments on TGP Podcast Episode 2: Flicks, Friends, and Father Knows Best

  1. Mike Flynn // May 26, 2010 at 12:12 pm //

    Hey Chris, great show:) Hybrid cars are not fun to drive. They have no acceleration.

  2. Such a great show, guys. Thanks for answering my question. I had seen (suffered through) some of ones you had put on your list, but alot were new to me, so thanks. Gotta say that the “Cry-teria” comment is classic. You’d better copyright that while you can. I’m not a Father, but I think its great that you guys can go from laughing about the Hangover to real discussions about being a Father to Hybrid cars and toothpicks.

    I’ve listened to alot of podcasts, and have done a few myself, but you guys rock, and I’ll be telling people about your show. If you ever need an extra knucklehead guest, let me know.

    Now, if you could just get on Twitter… Just sayin’

    Jeff from

  3. Hated, hated LOATHED “About A Boy”. Just painful to sit through.

    Ooh! You mentioned me and you mentioned me first. Ooooooh! My ego is refilled. 🙂 You’re officially my fave ppl. LOL. I know…it’s ’cause I commented first last time. Has nothing to do with how wonderful and amazing I am. (Damn.)

    Always wondered with electric cars. If you get one and move to a 3rd floor walkup with no parking…where do you plug it in??

  4. @Mike……….Sai here. Good to know! Thanks.

    @Jeff…………..Thanks for your very kind words. And you’re welcome. Glad we could help. And yes, we will definitely be having guests. We’ll let you know.

    @Elisa………….See what happens when you’re first!?? Seriously, we do think you’re awesome.

  5. GUYS I had a chance to hear the whole podcast and really enjoyed it. You left out definitely a really big “chick flick that just recently was released: “A Letter to Juliet”. As a woman I was thrilled to see this, but hated the ending. Why did they have to go and spoil it by putting in slapstick? They are advertising this as a date movie, but I don’t think any man would be able to sit through it. I was disappointed.

    As to “About a Boy” that was wonderful. You left out another great movie, “Love Actually” also with Hugh Grant. In fact any movie with Hugh Grant is a favorite of mine.:)

    What do you think of “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”(my personal favorite), “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”(my all time favorite), “You’ve Got Mail”, “Sabrina”. You didn’t mention any of these. Also there have been some really vile movies that have been marketed to women. I have only dragged my husband to new movies if I think he might like it. I think that dragging a man to a chick flick unless you are unable to go with anyone else is cruel.:)

    I also liked your thoughts about fathers. Thanks also for putting in that stuff about mothers. When I first became a mother and realized all of the work that it entailed I was surprised. No one told me anything about the work. I think that women are used to doing it and don’t discuss it with their daughters at all. You are literally thrown into it like being dunked in ice water. We are stoic and men don’t realize the work either. Their clothes are washed and folded and in their drawers, babies are sweet smelling and ready for bed. So fathers don’t realize what work went into doing all that and having dinner ready. I know that some fathers do some of the work, but how many continue through their children’s lives? Scratch the life of a mother and you’ll see that the jobs that are done everyday, like driving kids back and forth to different activities and friends’ houses, making costumes, cupcakes, going on field trips, cleaning, volunteering, and for many women adding work to all that are just par for the course. Men don’t do most of them on a regular basis, though the tide is turning.:)

  6. Shout out! Thanks, guys! Another entertaining podcast. I listened while I was getting some stuff done here at work. You got an “amen” from me when you mentioned “Amelie”. That was such a good movie.

    Regarding monster/classic mashups like “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” or “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters”…have you seen the book trailers on youtube for these? They’re fantastic. Another good one was “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. I would abandon all romantic comedies to watch extended versions of those trailers if someone promised me they would keep it campy.

  7. This was a great podcast guys. I managed to hear to the entire thing.
    Have a good day!:)

  8. Wow! I am so impressed! You know, I can really see this as a nationally syndicated show–on the radio but even better, it would be great to have a TV show based on the guy’s perspective! I think this would be so popular with women (I know I would watch).

    I have to say that I laughed pretty hard at the guy who is 40% chick, who liked the chick flicks. My husband actually likes romantic comedies too–but I think they are in the minority.

    I love the podcasts and really look forward to hearing more of them! I think you guys might become famous and so you better remember me when you do! 😀

    (I want to be on your TV show!).

    Take care,


  9. Wow, such an unabashed stream of lovin’ from all of you! Thanks for the feedback and spread the word!

    @Elisa: You get the first shout out here even though your comment is not first. How’s that for an ego stroke? Besides your a strong, creative woman and certainly don’t need a man, let alone one of the guy’s to validate you.

    @Jeff: We’d love to copyright Cry-teria but other than being a band we think it is also the official name of the school lunch program in Arkansas.

    @Barbara: I agree there were so many other great flicks we could have mentioned, but we were just going for a few good suggestions. And as for Mom’s, don’t even get this Momma’s boy started. There are no ends to the kudos mom’s in general deserve and mine especially!

    @Lovy: Thanks much and I will check out those YouTube mashups.

    @Mr. Stupid: With a name like that can we trust your opinion??? However, we choose to think you are a lot smarter than you let on and that you have impeccable taste.

    @Melinda: Whatever our publicist is paying you, it is certainly not enough! We are not worthy! (but FOX if your listening… we will not refuse the check.)

  10. I can’t believe I just saw this site. I’ve been seeing you on Crazy Brunette’s comments section. Dang! Great podcast. I’m not really into movies that much but I listed the movies that you said are good. I think I’ll stay at home this weekend and watch a few movies. 🙂

  11. I also managed to listen to the whole podcast while writing a lengthy email to my sister. Your podcast seemed a bit shorter this time around.

    I agree with Cooch. I don’t count “Wedding Crashers” as a chick flick. It’s really a “everybody flick”. I loved it. I sat through “Terms of Endearment”, thankfully long before my mom died… otherwise I couldn’t have done it. I would call that a chick flick. It was good but was a real weeper. Along with “The Notebook”. The problem I have with “chick flicks” is that they often seem to try tooooo hard to provoke tears from you. I have nothing against romantic comedies but chick flicks with stories surrounding the slow deaths of main characters are just a downer to me. Kinda like sticking your hand in a fire. Why do it if it’s just going to cause you needless pain? Life has enough sorrowful moments in it without having to sit through one of these downer movies and watching people go through them, in detail, for 2 hours. You can get that sort of thing from real life. Some women like them, I guess, because they enjoy the drama and like a good cry. Now… that’s screwed up! I’ll save my tears for funerals and other excruciating moments in real life, thank you. Ha ha.

  12. @Kelly…….You’re right. They try to elicit either tears of sadness or more likely tears of joy. I guess I like the crossover type movies the most. Maybe those aren’t chick flicks after all.

    @Gnetch………Thanks for visiting! We hope you’ll come again.

  13. Cucch, thanks for the giggle. What you said reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis’ character in “Freaky Friday” where she’s talking to a patient on her earpiece at the grocery store and said kind of the same thing you just did and the woman at the deli counter starts crying and says “Thank you.”

    I am also SO behind a TV show. “Two (Three? Four?) Guys and a Reality Check” I wanna be on too!

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