TGP Ep.49 Nerds & Jocks, Turkeys & Funny Women

TGP Ep.49: Nerds & Jocks, Turkeys & Funny Women

Sai and Cucch become part of the Nerd/Jock Convergence as they take part in two different author events at two different bookstores with two very different results.  Crossing paths with Shaquille O’Neal and John Hodgman on their individual book tours leaves the guys with some interesting observations.  If you want to check out their latest books start here on our Amazon affiliate link and send The Guy’s a little love.

Also this week we discuss the plight of the single guy during the holidays as Sai recounts his tales of akward holidays spent with some well meaning friends.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Meat:
Do guys want a funny girlfriend?  We springboard some great conversation off of the NY Times article  “Female Comedians, Breaking the Taste-Taboo Ceiling” by Jason Zinoman

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1 Comment on TGP Ep.49 Nerds & Jocks, Turkeys & Funny Women

  1. haha not so sure about Sai trying to imagine being married to Jim Carey or Robin Williams…..

    Cucch what exactly is wrong with hairy men? Haha now Im self concious. I blame Mr. Randy for my hair….

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