TGP Episode 11: Customer Service, Football, and Listening

Pet Peeves: Customer Service, Automated System

Ask the Guys: How do I show my girl I love her?

Father Stories: Special story shared by Liz aka “Naughtie Scribe”

The MEAT: Football…its impact on the family.

Youth is Wasted: Is 18 too young to go to college?


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  1. Pet Peeves: I work in a Collection Division; I promise you that anyone who works in a customer service related field has enormous patience. Some days the best you can do is not to go postal and tell everyone to kiss off. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone in the field acts professionally. But goodness, for every rude customer service worker there are 5 irate taxpayers/customers blaming you for doing your job (try dealing with that for 8-10 hours a day).

    Ask the Guys (Show My Girl Love): Two hours before her bedtime, place a no speaking sign on the bedroom door, loop a few romantic tracks on your mp3 or iPod, set up the foot spa with bath salts, and have a bottle of clear nail polish on hand. Then treat her to a long and relaxing Pedi/manicure. Make sure to slip in a few light kisses, and give lots of eye contact. She will melt, I did.

    Father Story: My mom and dad are actually best of friends. To this day my sister, brother, and I talk about that day as well as many others. My dad is an even better grandfather, and I’m so very blessed to still have him in our lives (my dad is a cancer survivor and lives with HIV).

    @ Sai – Thanks so much for the shout out and of course your friendship. I absolutely love The Guys and will have a surprise for you on me sight (stay tuned).

    @ Cucch – Oh sweetness if I’ve ruined lollipops (wink) for you, just wait to see what I do with chocolate and champagne.

    Big DC Hug

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