TGP Episode 14: Creativity, Boredom, and SPAM

Minicast Number Three:

Reader Call in: Fan man Van

Ask the Guys: Rebound Relationships

Discussion: SPAM

THE MEAT: Boredom and Creativity

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2 Comments on TGP Episode 14: Creativity, Boredom, and SPAM

  1. On boredom
    I completely agree with you when you say boredom breeds creativity.
    My brother, sister, and I were “professional fort builders”. We could spend hours making these awesome forts with separate rooms and exits. Chairs, shoes, towels, vacuum cleaners… you name it, we used it in the fort. Plus my sister and me would write and record little plays. They were never very good, but we’d laugh of asses off making them.

    “sigh” memories.

  2. I agree with the caller that the show is marvelous! You guys really do bring an interesting perspective and the podcasts are so beautifully done.

    As far as the link between creativity and boredom goes, I think that might be different for everyone. When I’m bored, I feel stagnant, but when I have my fingers in many different pies, it seems to bring on more creativity and I want to put even more fingers in even more pies.

    But I have to admit, I am rarely bored these days–life is too interesting and I’m still busy catching up on all those years I missed when I was like Rip Van Winkle and slept (or nodded out–lol).

    Tina’s mail was interesting too–and she raised a good point–why do people want to work on a relationship when it is already in failure (or headed to failure). That’s part of being proactive, but it’s often hard to see that you need to be proactive because you might not even be aware there’s a problem. I definitely agree that if Tina’s struggling–that might be her answer.

    As always, you guys have great perspective and we need to pass along the news about your great show!

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