TGP Episode 15: Getting Played, The Truth, India

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Contest: We reveal the name of the winner!

Vignettes: A few humorous stories from a recent road trip.

The Truth: The anti-social network. Cucch spins a few yarns. Does he finally trip up Sai?

Father Stories: Journey to India.

Ask the Guys: Boyfriend Daddy, Long term feelings, Confused

THE MEAT: Getting Played

Next Episode: It’s all things creepy. Please share your creepy stories, or anything you find to be creepy. Or share your favorite Halloween stories, or anything about Halloween that you love or hate.

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2 Comments on TGP Episode 15: Getting Played, The Truth, India

  1. Great podcast, guys! A guy called for Rod while I was listening, and laughing. When I said Rod wasn’t home, I know he heard two male voices in the background. I gave no explanation.

    When I was young, we started planning our Halloween costumes as soon as school started. my gang was pretty creative, and our costumes were elaborate and imaginative. On Halloween night, my father would set up a projector in our carport and show the old scary movies as soon as it got dark. We lived in a very safe and sheltered environment, but after those movies ended, the children made a beeline for home, just in case Dracula or The Wolfman happend to jump out from behind some bushes.

    Here’s what creeps me out these days–the ice cream truck driving around late in the afternoon, long after all the kids have gone in. To my knowledge, no one buys ice cream from that guy. He makes me want to call the cops.

  2. It was so sad to hear the story about the girl with the live-in boyfriend that became pregnant and he’s acting strange and on his way out. This is so terribly heartbreaking to hear another example of the terrible consequences that are certainly ahead of this child and this mother. YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to point this out – to grab your listeners by the shoulders, shake them, and say…..:see, this is the result of about 99% of premarital sex, shackin up crap. If you are about to say “we don’t make moral judgements here”….ask yourselves “Why not?” Or you can think of this reply as simply pointing out the statistics and consequences of such behavior. Your title is “The Guys Perspective”, please be thorough and present both perspectives guys have.

    You have a great format here and I have enjoyed each one and look forward to when a new episode is ready. Please use this time to improve the character, integrity, and responsibility of all guys. Thanks

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