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  1. Sai (and other guys!). The first thing that made me smile was the notice of the audi (why do men *always* notice cars).

    As to the bumpersticker–while I do tend to agree with the man’s philosphy, I do believe it was a little condescending. It was proclaiming judgment on the entire population without really knowing their circumstances.

    Regarding the heart of the podcast–sexuality is an important part of any relationship. They say that in a good relationship, sex plays a small part–but in a poor relationship, it plays a much bigger role (in other words, if there are problems with the relationship, sexuality is often a big part of the problem and those need to be dealt with). I think if two people really love each other, that they can make things work if they go to sexuality counseling or couples therapy. But I am the eternal optimist–always believing that when there is life, there is hope!

    As for Steve–I would be in the front of the stage too! 😉

    Take care, Sai-and all you guys. Believe me, I am still planning on promoting the Guys Podcast on my blog. Give me some time to catch up from my vacation news and book updates. I promise it’s coming before the big Egypt trip.

    Take care–and great podcast (as usual).


  2. Totally enjoyable and entertaining~

    I so agree about the movie stars morning breathe…I cringe every time that happens….then I think…it is their way of separating reality from entertainment 🙂

    I have never understood bumper stickers…seriously why would one do that??

    To wear or not to wear…condoms… This is typically like anything else involved with partners…we must respect each others wishes…or why be there~

    Ones religious believes can most definitely make or break a relationships longevity~
    As in anything we all must have balance in our thoughts about life and on understanding how and why our partners think~

    Sex and intimacy…two completely different connections between a couple. Men are for sex and woman are for intimacy and that is totally innate on both sides.
    Intimacy is a flow of emotional freedom and openness connection with another…as where sex is totally physical and play connections between two~

    Too find a partner that can appreciate both…you have found gold~

  3. Great podcast, guys! I have forgotten how to leave a 5 star review though. Can someone help me out?

  4. Well,I think I figured it out. At least I hope I did! I gave you guys a 5 star review!!

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