TGP Episode 19: Buyer’s Regret, Making the Team, Kissing Cousins

We start out this episode with: Are we the only ones? as we discuss movie sequels. Do they work for you? They don’t work for Cucch. He gives his reason why, and it may surprise you….man falls for woman, then woman disappears.

Aliens, Karate Kid, Indiana Jones

We hope to be conducting interviews soon. But we need some help getting a telephone interface: JK Audio. Please sponsor THE GUYS. We’ll be happy to return the favor by promoting your website, business, or recent endeavors.

In Father Stories, Sai discusses his son’s journey with travel basketball tryouts. Making the team came with an important life lesson.

Cucch brings up Geek Holidays. Modern Warfare Black Ops was released last week, and on the very same day, businesses reported a high number of sick workers. Coincidence or not?

Why is Gordon Ramsey our least favorite Gordon?

And finally we wrap it up with Ask the Guys. Noel wants to know if an “eye for and eye” is okay. Maybe Noel. But certainly not an “eye for a head.”

And Paige wonders if dating her ex’s cousin is a No Go. Hmm…….nothing like kissing cousins.

3 Comments on TGP Episode 19: Buyer’s Regret, Making the Team, Kissing Cousins

  1. Well, my cousin dated my brother’s wife–while he was still married to her. My brother has been married four times now, but he never dated a cousin-in-law, at least not that I know of. My advice would be, if it feels a little wonky, then don’t do it. Unless, of course the ex and his cousin are not at all close and rarely see each other except on holidays.

    Sai, thanks for the nice comment!

  2. I remember when I was a teenager (Irish Catholic) and one of my cousins was found out by the “family” that she was dating a second-cousin. Granted, he was cute but this family said, NO WAY! And my aunt and uncle put her in a convent for her sophomore year of high school. True story! After that, she married a dull, but rich guy who was not an Irish Catholic.

  3. Do “The Guys” write blog posts anymore? Or have you only been doing podcasts?

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