TGP Episode 23: The best gift ever

Happy Holidays everyone!

We start off with “Hot or Not.” We give our ratings on: eggnog, snowmen, getting gifts, holiday cards, novelty tunes, and much more.

We then move into “Father Stories” where Sai shares a story about altruism, and Cucch shares the latest trend in gift giving with “Heifer International.” Now you can give a cow as a gift!

We finish with “The best gift ever.” Our listeners and readers share their favorite gifts they ever gave….and received.

Enjoy this great time of year.


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2 Comments on TGP Episode 23: The best gift ever

  1. I’m all teary-eyed at work now, jerks! Gah…

    As always, this was a great podcast. I love the idea of Heifer International. I think I may just buy someone a flock of chicks.

    I really just wanted to drop by and wish you and your families well. Have a happy holiday. 🙂

  2. Thanks Lovy! We appreciate it. And Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you too!

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