TGP Episode 24: The second time around

One of the greatest gifts children give to their parents is the chance to live life a second time around. Sai reads a piece he wrote for The Guy’s Perspective blog by that same name, with some quiet jazz playing in the background.

How are you planning on living life in the New Year? Status quo? Any changes? Please share your resolutions with us.

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5 Comments on TGP Episode 24: The second time around

  1. I haven’t made any resolutions, exactly, cuz I never follow through on those, but I do want to make some changes in my life. I want to change to a healthier lifestyle, since I just found out this year that I have diabetes. I want to eat better, exercise, get mentally healthy, and just in general have a new me to burst out upon the world.

    Have a Happy New Year, Guys!

  2. i resolve not to have any more sports-related injuries that make working out impossible and painful. what, that’s not a resolution? ok well it’s a wish then and since my santa wasn’t so kind as to bring it, then i hope maybe cupid will have my back. and my neck, my sciatica and my knee.

  3. I don’t make New year’s resolutions, but programed myself some time back to savor the moments to to attempt to be a better person today that I was yesterday. It does not always work, but I do try.

  4. I agree with my sister, Cher, on this. I really need to work on being a better person, because I have been pretty selfish the last few days, sitting in my lounger, reading on my Kindle, and making people wait on me. Tomorrow, I plan to actually get dressed and go outside.
    Happy New Year, Guys! See you next year!

  5. I always have goals in mind, even if I don’t officially call them “resolutions.” I have big plans for my business, but most of this years goals are all about family. Top on my list is being a more patient parent (which is a much heftier goal than in the past now that they’re teens.)

    Happy New Year to all “the guys”

    Wishing you health, happiness and success!

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