TGP Episode 26: The power of saying yes

We start out with “The Truth.” Cucch shares three stories- two are true and one is false. It’s up to Sai-and you-to figure out the truth.

Ever washed your hands and then realized there were no paper towels; and even worse a hand dryer built in the early 19th century? This is our latest “Pet Peeve.”

We move on to “Father Stories” where Cucch shares a story about his grandfather. Sometimes what’s off camera is more compelling than what’s on.

And we finish with “THE MEAT.” The power of saying yes. It might just be  the best way to operate.

Special Note: In one week we’ll be launching our podcast network. Be looking for new shows from The Guys’ Network, along with a brand new website. Spread the word. Thanks!

2 Comments on TGP Episode 26: The power of saying yes

  1. Boys! Boys! Didn’t your mother teach you to always have a handkerchief in your pocket?? Yes, it is annoying to not have any paper towels in the restroom, but mothers always taught girls to be prepared for EVERYTHING! We always have tissues in our bags, safety pins, extra money for emergencies, etc. If you are caught in that situation, march straight up to the manager of the store, and tell them you are from the health department, and you are reporting them for unsanitary conditions in their restrooms unless they give you a six-pack of beer and a bag of Doritos.

  2. @Judie You are brilliant! I need to make up an official looking badge for the next time something like this occurs.

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