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  1. i always make sure i am bathed and groomed. i expect it to be neat on a woman i should be the same.

  2. I used to work with a medical practice that specialized in vasectomies (no scalpel, no needle). Men are definitely squeemish about getting snipped.

  3. so…do The Guys write blog posts anymore?

  4. Ah, yes! Asparagus! What strange chemical is in it that makes your…. never mind! It is still good, but only if you are married.

  5. On the subject of vasectomies and all of the nurses in the room, I have to say that when delivering a baby they seem to have everyone in the room from the surgeon down to the guy form the cafeteria. So, the moms in your listening audience will have little sympathy …

  6. @Laura….Exactly our point. We said our wives had done enough, and that it was time to step up to the plate. Of course not all guys think that way unfortunately.

  7. Rod had a vasectomy, and had a male nurse. When he got ready to shave Rod, he said, “Hold still now, or we won’t need the doctor.”

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