TGP Episode 30: The Perfect Weekend

What does your perfect weekend look like? Cucch and Sae discuss in THE MEAT. (Later on in the show.)



Couple time?


The GUYS start off with a story from Cucch, who shares an awkward moment when his past meets his present. This kind of thing can happen when you go from driving a Toyota Corolla to a Jeep.

Cucch and Sae then answer relationship questions for the Ask the Guys segment.

Elaine asks: I met a guy at a bar. We had a nice night but now he doesn’t call. Why? What’s his game?

Dina asks: He gives me mixed signals. Why is he like that?

Marilyn: We’ve dated for three years, but he won’t answer my question. Relationship or friend?

After a long hiatus, Cucch and Sae spin the big wheel in Stream of Consciousness. License. Invisibility. Tape. Check out some amazing things people are doing with duct tape?

During THE MEAT, Sae and Cucch polled some of the other guys about what their perfect weekend would like like. Cucch then shares his “must haves.” Sae chimes in as well.

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4 Comments on TGP Episode 30: The Perfect Weekend

  1. Well, I thought I was going to have the perfect weekend beginning last Friday, but then I caught the crud that Rod and Keil both had, and was sneezing and hacking all weekend. We were planning to lounge around, play some golf, watch some movies, and go out to dinner Sunday night for my birthday, but the only thing that actually happened according to schedule is that I became a year older on Sunday! We love it when we can get in bed on Sunday night, with our dogs snuggling in, and we both say, “Ahhhh! That was a good weekend!”

  2. Hey! Where is everybody? I thought there would be more comments here! We all love weekends, don’t we???

  3. There was a time when the perfect weekend for me meant going shopping with friends and family and/or taking in a movie. Now that I work every weekend and go to school during the week, my standards have lowered significantly. The perfect weekend now is one that allows me to just kick back on the couch in the living room with the windows open and the sun shining through. And maybe have a little music going. Time to yourself means a lot to someone who rarely gets it.

  4. @Chelsea…….I know exactly what you mean. For me, alone time allows me to recharge. Without feeding yourself, it’s hard to give to others, or for that matter, school or work. Good for you. I think a lot of other people feel just as you do. Thanks for sharing.

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