TGP Episode 32: Money, Food, Couples, and Finances

Youth is Wasted on the Young:
Sai and Cucch admit they can’t pig out like they used to.
We mention SparkPeople to help you get on track to shed some pounds. Sai realizes he’s playing for the silver foxes of his basketball league and Cucch is fighting the ladies off with a pool cue. What? You’ll just have to listen.

Ask the Guys:

Laura asks: Is the smiling gym manager trying to give me a sign?

Jen asks: My long distance boyfriend of six months has asked me to move in with him. Is it too soon?

Jensi asks: Things between us started getting pretty bad when I became pregnant, and it seems like it’s been a steady decline ever since. What is up???

The Meat:Relationships, Couples and Finances:

Does he have to feel like a weenie just because she is bringing home the bacon? We crack open the male ego and find out what happens when she becomes the primary bread winner.

Check out a recent post on finances at The Guy’s Network.

Got a question? Funny relationship story? Want to share how you work the finances in your relationship? Call and leave a message at 347-855-GUYS (4897) or Contact us on the Ask the Guys page.

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