TGP Episode 36: You Tube Sensation, a father’s appreciation, pajamas in public

Sai and Cucch begin the show discussing the reactions to Rebecca Black’s Video, “Friday”

Watch it on You Tube:

Rebecca Black

Should people wear pajamas in public? Cucch and Sai debate the matter during “Youth is Wasted on the Young.”

Father Stories: Sai is given some insight into parenting from a young friend. And he gains a new appreciation.

Ask the Guys: Cucch and Sai answer your dating and relationship questions. Here are the three we answered.

Sabrie: Prom question

Joy: Was he just looking for sex?

Layla: One night stand becomes more.

THE MEAT: What’s their story? In the movie, “Date Night”, Tina Fey and Steve Carell go out to dinner one evening. While dining they make up stories about their fellow patrons. They’re not the first to do this; Sai and Cucch have been doing that for years.

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6 Comments on TGP Episode 36: You Tube Sensation, a father’s appreciation, pajamas in public

  1. I don’t really get the uproar for the Rebecca Black video. She isn’t hurting anyone, she was having fun, WTH? If people don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it.

  2. @Anne…we agree completely.

  3. I get so annoyed with people that wear pjs in public. I don’t count walking the dog, because well, it’s early. But at the grocery store, or the mall? Come on people. My classmates used to wear pjs to college classes. It just seems disrespectful!

    I love people watching and giving them stories. One of my favorite pastimes!

  4. @Date Girl…..and I guess the dog doesn’t care. 🙂

  5. Hello,
    Thank you so much for answering my question! I really enjoyed the podcast. It’s really nice to be able to receive advice from you guys because these are the kinds of topics I’m uncomfortable discussing with my parents or anyone else. It made me smile when you guys were making theories of how we became friends. Just so you know, it’s not dancing, it’s not skating, it’s not acting, it’s debate team. His response was a bit strange but you were right that he’s still young in his mind. Part of the reasons could be because he’s Chinese. This might sound stereotypical but Chinese parents are very strict when it comes to this. I know because I’m Chinese as well. It made me sad that he took it the wrong way. When a girl expresses interest in going to prom with a guy, it doesn’t mean that she likes him romantically; it just means that she thinks that she’ll have a great time with him. I’m trying to get together for a practice session with him sometimes next week. I’m praying for it to go well.
    Again, thanks again for taking your time to help me with my issue!

  6. @Sabrie
    Debate team?! We should have guessed. Nice to get your feedback on our advice. I hope you’ve worked through the awkwardness with your friend at least. BTW, did we pronounce your name right? Is is like say-bree or sah-bree?

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