TGP Episode 4: Endings, Excess and Envy

This week’s show in a nutshell:

Ask the Guys: Is it cool to stay close with your ex’s family? The Guys debate that very question.

Father Stories: Sai is held accountable. It seems that all young men have a story similar to this one.

Pet Peeves: Cucch talks about the insidious nature of the letter “W.” Sai spouts off about 110%.

The Meat: Is more better? What is up with our super-sized society?

Youth is Wasted on the Young: Cucch dreams about McDonald’s play places. Sai discusses his love of “Pong.”

Maybe more is better!?

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6 Comments on TGP Episode 4: Endings, Excess and Envy

  1. Do you realize that you said ‘meat’ and supersized????

    Hmmm, CB is not thinking McDonalds here!!!!

  2. Held accountable? Well, aren’t we all??

  3. It’s probably my Internet that’s causing the player stop and go back to the beginning but anyway, regarding the staying close with the ex’s family, it depends. At least for me. If my ex’s family was nice to me and treated me as a daughter, then yes. It would be fine. Otherwise, I would just cut ties with them. 🙂

  4. “Is it cool to stay close with your ex’s family? ” Yeah, I’d really like to know what The Guys have to say about that one. [Especially considering I am VERY close with my ex-boyfriends Sister, in fact, I play golf with her almost every Sunday. ]

  5. After Rod and I were married, we took many trips back to our hometown, and spent a lot of time at Mum’s house. Rod was very annoyed that Mum still had pictures up in the hall of Rod and his ex-wife. He never asked her to take them down, but he thought it was disrespectful to me. If one is close with one’s former inlaws, I can certainly see staying in touch if there are children involved. In Rod’s case, the children were pretty much grown, and his ex-wife had never been a warm, fuzzy person when it came to family. I think Mum thought that she and the ex would have a continuing relationship, but once the ex was an ex that was that. I think Mum tried to keep things going, but it never really happened.

  6. Another great podcast, guys. 🙂

    I also have a problem with the alphabet, but my quarrel is with the letter “C”. That guy isn’t even necessary most of the time. Any time you see it in a word, it’s making an “S” or “K” sound. The only time it really earns its place in the alphabet is when it’s tagging along with “H” for the “ch” sound. Slacker.

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