TGP Episode 6: Dribbling, Dating and Dilemmas

Here’s the rundown of our show:

Pet Peeves: Sai sees the cup as half full and makes the best of it.

Ask the Guys: Reflections on race and dating.

Father stories: The honeymoon dilemma and Daddy Day Camp.

Stream of Consciousness: Suckers to soccer by way of France.

THE MEAT: If good fences make good neighbors, can good neighbors make good meatballs?

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4 Comments on TGP Episode 6: Dribbling, Dating and Dilemmas

  1. Honeymoon: If the son is any reflection of the father, I’m sure Sai’s dad would have told him to go on his honeymoon. He would have wanted his happiness first, especially because he already knew the depths of his son’s love.

    Pet Peeves: I’m so glad I’m not a coffee drinker. I don’t think I could keep up with all the rules and etiquettes (lip on the rim is okay if the cup is clean – lol).

    Mike’s Pastry: Cucch, brother I am so feeling you. Sometimes a perfectly nice time enjoying the company of a loved one can be spoiled by a busy-body with a self righteous need to correct the world. In my humble opinion the lady may have needed something more than a croissant to mellow her out (wink).

    Ask the Guys: Thanks so much for the shout out. I’m very appreciative (still smiling). I must say I’m very impressed with the way the two of you approached the subject of race and dating. If I didn’t know better I’d think I was listening to a segment on broadcast TV (very nicely done gentleman). I was really touched by the issue of staring. You have no idea how often this still happens.

    @ Cucch – The example of your Italian friends struggle to hold onto their culture was spot on. It mirrors so much of what my community and race face and struggle with to this day. Big hug

    @ Sai – It’s still okay to call us Black ( I checked at the last meeting – lmbao!).

  2. Sai–I love your podcasts. Truly. I have passed them along to so many of my friends and you were even the focus of one of our class discussions in my gender and society class I am currently teaching.

    The ‘Guys’ are becoming famous with my students! I love it!

    Take care,


  3. @Naughtie………..You’re welcome. And thanks for the go ahead on the “correct” terminology. Honestly I’m so sick of the having to be so ultra PC. I’m sensitive enough w/out that kind of pressure. Hope all is well.

    @Melinda………….Thanks so much for your support, and for spreading the word about us. I…and we are so appreciative. Hope you had a great vacation. Glad to see you back and ready to Rock n’ Roll!

  4. Guys, working in the North End of Boston for many years, I must tell you a little secret. Mike’s Pastry is for visitors. If you want the freshest Italian sweets, you must try Modern Pastry across the street. You will not be disappointed!

    I love your podcast GUYS! Truly, it makes my day!

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