TGP Podcast Ep.44 The Vegetarian Episode

TGP Ep44 The Vegetarian Episode               
[display_podcast] Sorry, no tofu recipes here.  (Although Cucch has some good ones)  We just mean that this is our first episode without our main segment “The Meat”  Instead we bring you a tasty audio buffet including”

Sai’s daughter discovers the joy of the Mall and we reminisce about candy shops and penny candy.

Are We the Only Ones?: Is it just us or could “back to school” not come quick enough?

First World Problems: This is a new segment highlighting what Urban Dictionary defines as:   Problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at.
Here is an example:  “I had to flush the toilet before I used it  cause the water I was about to poop in wasn’t clean enough”
You can find a wealth of these sayings by following the Twitter hashtag #FirstWorldProblems or at

Ask the Guys: We field four great relationship questions from you our listeners.

Jennifer  “I don’t want to be a homewrecker…”
Jax  “Are we Friends with Benefits or is this a relaionship?”
PR Sawyer  “Is it normal for a man to act this way?”
Melissa  “Help!  I’m lost.”

As always if you have any comments, kudos or criticisms let us know.  You can also share your stories in any of our segments including:
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Father Stories
Are We the Only Ones
Youth is Wasted on the Young
The Truth
Stream of Consciousness
Ask the Guys
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