TGP Podcast Ep47: Corn Pwned, Pumpkin Party Problem & Ask the Guys BLITZ!

TGP Ep.47  Corn Pwned, Pumpkin Party Problem & Ask the Guys BLITZ!


In the News:
Is this just another skirmish in the great “Asking for Directions” battle?  What do you think about the Massachusetts couple that dialed 911 after being lost in a corn maze?  We certainly have our opinions.

Father Stories:
Our family traditions are what bind us together, so it’s hard when we see our kids growing up and out of those things.  Sai shares a Halloween story that finds his son pulled in two directions.  You can read Sai’s full article about this in the MetroWest Daily.
What are your great childhood Halloween memories?

Ask the Guy’s BLITZ!
This week we attempt to answer 10 great listener questions in 20 minutes all while giving them the weight they deserve.  Do we make it?  Listen and find out!

As always if you have any comments, kudos or criticisms let us know.  You can also share your stories in any of our segments including:
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Father Stories
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Ask the Guys
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