TGP Podcast Episode 3: Opposites Detract

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This week’s show:

“Ask the Guys” What constitutes an automatic red flag in a relationship?

“The Truth” 1. Advice from the grave 2. Is German a word? 3. Hormones out of control. Which story is true, and which two are complete prevarications?

“The Meat” Opposites Detract. Are friendships with the opposite sex even possible? We also answer another dating question within this segment. “Cuddling in Las Vegas.”

Conclusion: Cucch Reveals the Answers to The Truth


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  1. Just downloaded your podcast, which I will listen to later when I’m not trying to grade a million papers. I love your podcasts! They put mine to shame! 🙂 I think your recorder is better than the one I am using. I also love the intro and stuff–I can honestly hear these on the radio. Maybe I’ll send your clip to NPR! (and if I do–I want a cut!–hahahahaha–just kidding).


  2. The animals at the zoo are much smarter than show biz kids. Always have been. (I don’t know if it’s a large percentage of them or just a few media friendly morons.) Of course, Jessica Simpson (who is not a child) had “this chicken of the sea tastes just like tuna”. Nicole Ritchie on “The Simple Life” had NO IDEA what a laundromat is. Paris Hilton had to describe a movie scene to her, to which she responded, “You mean people take their clothes out of their house and pay money to wash their own clothes?” The sad thing is, these idiots are so high profile that they become successful in their little worlds and end up breeding children who pass the ignorance along (because they don’t know any better). It’s the animals at the zoo who adapt to live the way we want them to, learn OUR language so WE can talk to THEM, and probably work on solving world hunger and curing cancer after their zookeepers go home for the night. :/

    This is kind of an aside…about people in public together. Because I’m a writer my guy and I would go out, watch people and make up stories about them. Not out loud…just to ourselves. I did this with the kids too. It fosters creativity. And a sense of humor. And forgiveness when we get caught. 😀

  3. I’m listening to your podcast now. It’s the first time I’ve heard one. The sound quality is excellent, and of course the topics are spot on.

    @Sai I disagree about going out to dinner with a friend of the opposite sex. As long as my partner/mate knows we’re going out for a bite (and he’s okay with it), I see know problem with it.

    @Cucch the Harry Meets Sally clip was priceless. I almost lost it at my desk.

    “Women think differently than men.” Uh, yeah! lol

  4. Great podcast, guys. There should have been some way to get Miss America in there. Those girls can come out with some pretty outlandish things when they are being interviewed.

    Elisa, my son and daughter-in-law do the same thing! I think it’s great fun.

  5. Ah! Cute almost-doctor haunts me to this day. I could make a whole blog about my weird dating life. Between the oddball guys I find and the self-sabotage, it would make an entertaining read.

    Another great podcast, guys. It makes an hour of my work day go by so much faster.

  6. GREAT podcast! Too much “flirty” BS, to me, is the automatic red flag. I just find someone like that difficult to trust. I loved the When Harry Met Sally clip but now I feel like I can’t trust my guy friends anymore. 😉

    I almost believed your Bieber story but I’m really hard on him like that. No. Actually, I heard it on E! News or maybe TMZ. I’m not sure. But I did hear about it.

  7. @Melinda……………..Please do. We’ll gladly take any help in promoting we can.

    @Elisa………….You must really like those animals. Or at least don’t like the show biz types. 🙂

    @Naughtie……….I think the dinner thing is mainly for what others might perceive. When I see a couple out in the evening I immediately assume they are together, but that’s not necessarily what I think if they’re out to coffee. I would hate to be out w/ just a woman friend for dinner and some people I know see me, and assume I’m doing something I ought not to be doing. I don’t even want to project that possibility.

    @Judie…….Thanks. Miss America. Sounds like a fine guest to get.

    @Lovy………..Thanks. We read your question and gave you props, which I’m sure you heard. We’d love to read more about your dating life. Sounds very interesting.

    @Gnetch………..Thanks. Yes, the flirty stuff can get out of hand. And there’s always this thing in the back of your mind that says, something is behind it all. Unnerving!

  8. Harsh much? I was a little snarky. :/ but I love the animals at the zoo. So there!

  9. *blushing* i’m super duper flattered by all of the kind things you said about my comment in here. wowsa! thanks a million guys.

    that when harry met sally clip was too funny. “no, you kinda want to nail them, too.” billy crystal was genius in that.

    great job on the podcast! excellent sound and production. and fantastic, engaging voices.

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