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This is our one minute Guy’s Perspective blast! Thanks for listening to our show, and for all your generous reviews and comments. We appreciate it!

We’ve had a  little issue with the feed for our show this week. We apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured we are working on it!

If you’re new here, you can subscribe to our show at itunes or Zune.

We have two interesting proposals for all of you.

1. If you, or anyone you know, wants to create a video from this one minute audio promo, we’d welcome any, and all submissions. We are open to any type of video as long as it’s appropriate to play on our site, or on itunes.
As we revamp our website we’re going to be posting all video submissions we get, and then we’re going to have all of you vote for the best one.
We’ll give the winner a modest cash prize, plus a weighty plug on our podcast, and website. This contest will run through November. We hope to post videos in December.
Be creative. Think out of the box. Send us something crazy, or something artsy, or something clever. Surprise us. Animated is fine. But be sure to use this exact audio. Download and good luck. (Send all submissions to our email or website)

2. If you’d like to help us out, we’d appreciate it if any of you would play or post this audio promo on your website, podcast, Facebook page, etc. Or spread the word by passing this around to anyone you think might help promote our show. In return we’ll be happy to plug any of your endeavors….as long as they’re appropriate to do so on our site.


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  1. Sounds like the guys’ podcasts are going great–and I hope that soon, more of the world gets to hear you guys on a regular basis. I’m a regular subscriber and enjoy listening to your shows on my long drives into Boston.

    I plan on making a post soon (within the next month) so I can broadcast to my readers about your blog and podcasts and give you a little bump of publicity on my end.

    Take care,


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