The Guy’s Perspective Ep.37: Glee, Dunkin Donuts Psychic, Bratz and Slow Jams Contest!

Rebecca Black covered on Glee

Rebecca Black Tweeted this week that she’s working on her follow-up single.  Sai and Cucch chat about that and her big break on the TV series Glee.

Dunkin Donuts does Cucch wrong… 3 Times!!!

Strange things are afoot at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru.  Is Cucch’s attendant a psychic in training or can they just not get an order right?

Hot or Not:  Momentary Fashions of the 2000’s

A strange turn of phrase start Cucch and Sai thinking about passing fads.  Do you remember these crazes that began in the 2000’s?  And are they still hot?

Axe Body Spray:                          New Axe Ad

Bratz Dollz:                                  Original Bratz Ad

Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup:            It’s Worse Than We Remembered

Sudoku:                                       Free Sudoku Online

Crocs:                                          I Love Crocs /   I Hate Crocs

bonus Vibram “Finger” Shoes:    “Five Finger” Shoes

Ugg Boots:                                  The Ugg Boot Vaccine – Hilarious!

XFL: Feb. 2001- May 2001 R.I.P.    The XFL Official Site


Ask The Guys:

Got questions about life, love, or lawn maintenance? 

Sabrie: “He’s still awkward

Leif : “How can I keep growing into a gentleman?”

Yvette:     “Is he over his divorce?”

Sakura: “He asked me to visit him in his country.  Is it worth it?


The Meat:  Setting the Mood With Music

How do you set the mood for a romantic evening?  What part does the right music play?


“Guys Perspective Slow Jams” Mix Tape Contest

You could win a $25.00 Starbucks Giftcard!!!

To take part, just share your favorite romantic “Slow Jam” with us.
Call The Guy’s Listener Line at 347-855-GUYS or share at Contact Us
Enter by June 30th

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3 Comments on The Guy’s Perspective Ep.37: Glee, Dunkin Donuts Psychic, Bratz and Slow Jams Contest!

  1. I never could stand the Bratz dolls. My older daughter actually got some as gifts and I wouldn’t let them stay in the house. They were awful.

  2. Hey, your comments really help!! They made me realize that it was dumb of me for going ballistic like that. He was a good friend but not someone worths keeping. I actually replied that the team should still have practice even he is not showing up. I wanted him to know that I don’t need him. Some of the members disagreed to continue practice without a member and this guy eventually replied that he’ll try to arrange a practice session eventually. Thank you for the wishes! I’ll enjoy my summer! I hope we’ll place at Nationals and I think he’ll take it seriously.
    Thank you for being prompt and patience with me! You are very nice and honest people. Sometimes I know what’s right and wrong, but having someone to tell me directly what’s wrong really helps. Thanks again! I’m now hooked to your podcasts.

  3. @Anne….I’m with you. Bratz dolls were a little too trampy for me.

    @Sabrie….Good for you! Glad to hear you are moving on. We will never tell you what to do but we do share our honest opinions. And share our podcast with some friends if you have the chance.

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