The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Ep. 39: Dating questions, Father’s Day, Number one

In this episode:

I feel happy of myself

Anthony wants to know about a pickup basketball Road trip. Sai talks about his experience on the road.

Voice mail: Antonio from LA calls us out on GLEE

More trouble stirring at Dunkin Donuts

THE TRUTH:  3 New stories in our “Your Number One” Challenge. Can you find the lie?

ASK THE GUYS: Relationship and Dating questions

Serge – Am I wasting my youth?

Lauren – My boyfriend is having a hard time with my opposite sex friendship

Amanda – I thought he broke up with me, but now he acts like it never happened!  Help!

FATHER STORIES: Cucch and Sai interview a good friend, Sam, and talk about dads, kids, polenta and even a great Father’s Day movie recommendation, Life is Beautiful.

Also, some great suggestions by our listeners on how they are spending their Father’s Day.



5 Comments on The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Ep. 39: Dating questions, Father’s Day, Number one

  1. Really enjoyed the Fathers Day segment. Your guest had some good stories and the banter is enjoyable to listen to.

    Also enjoyed the interview last with Charles .

  2. @Dennis……Thanks. We appreciate the feedback. Thanks for listening. Let us know if you’d like us to cover any topics in particular. Have a great summer.

  3. Great Father’s Day segment, Guys! Joey and Keil were both here for Father’s Day and we had a very relaxing time.

    I have never had polenta, but it sounds like the ultimate comfort food “on the board.

    The video of the kid learning to ride a bike is so priceless! “I feel happy of myself” just may start showing up in our everyday conversations!!

  4. What a great video! It was adorable.

  5. First of, sorry about that last email, I know I kinda messed up the grammar, truth be told, I hardly talk with people regarding these things.

    Well, I let her know about it, she got distant, and upset, and honestly i felt somewhat relieved. I guess what i forgot to tell you guys was that this girl, she is older than me by a couple of years, so maybe this all is just a biological clock thing.
    She looked for me again after a week of not talking, we really got into the conversation, and so far she’s kept around, oddly enough letting me do my stuff.
    I’m 25 (26 actually on the 20th), I’ll just do my thing, learn from me, screw it up, have my good clean fun and perhaps grow career wise. If she is still around by the time i feel confident about it, well… who knows right?…

    Thank you sincerely for reading my question on the air, and guys you got yourself a permanent listener here.

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