The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Ep43: “Rewind” Super-Sized Hamster Fun. Endings, Excess & Envy

TGP Episode 43: “Rewind”


The Guys are off this week chasing a little end of the summer fun.  So we are rolling out a “Guy’s Perspective Certified Pre-owned Episode”.  This beauty has passed our rigorous 142 point inspection and is guaranteed to satisfy.  In fact this is our most downloaded episode ever!
Episode 4.  Endings, Excess and Envy!

The show in a nutshell:

Ask the Guys: Is it cool to stay close with your ex’s family? The Guys debate that very question.

Father Stories: Sai is held accountable. It seems that all young men have a story similar to this one.

Pet Peeves: Cucch talks about the insidious nature of the letter “W.” Sai spouts off about 110%.
The Meat: Is more better? What is up with our super-sized society?

Youth is Wasted on the Young: Cucch dreams about McDonald’s play places. Sai discusses his love of “Pong.”

Maybe more is better!?

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