The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Episode 40: Being politically correct, a daughter’s triumph, relationships, and more

In this episode:

Katy Perry & Rebecca Black Last Friday Night Video


Ask the Guys: The Guys put their heads together to help listeners with their questions.

Father Stories: Alex from LA calls to share his daughters triumph.

Stream of Consciousness: Spinning the Big Wheel for random fun.

The Meat: “If you can’t say something nice…”  When to hold your tongue and be P.C..

Pop Culture Corner – The party just keeps growing for Rebecca Black as Katy Perry releases the video for her new single “Last Friday Night” which prominently features Rebecca.  We talk about why we even care.  By the way Sai gives some little known info about one Kenny G too.

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Questions for Ask the Guys:

Tiera: Help I’m embarrassed of him!

Danielle: Will he come back or is it just a mind game?

Nat: We have strong feelings but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Sally: What’s his problem?


Father Stories:

Alex from L.A. calls to share his daughter’s victory over training wheels.  As a follow up to a story he shared in Ep:23 The Best Gift Ever Alex tells about a gift he received just last week.

Stream of Consciousness: We spin the Big Wheel and come up with random topics for some great conversation… hopefully.  This time the words are Rage, Deviation and Bomb and the conversation goes from grandma’s driving to Russian dance club puppetry.  Huh?  You have to listen.

The Meat: If you can’t say something nice…  stories of when to hold your tongue.  The great air conditioner – doggy diarrhea debate, the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn and Roger Ebert’s controversial Tweet. Asking the question “Is it wise to tell your hometown D.B. off?”

Thanks for listening!


1 Comment on The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Episode 40: Being politically correct, a daughter’s triumph, relationships, and more

  1. Danielle // July 3, 2011 at 8:36 pm //

    Hey Guys!
    Thanks for your insight and humor! I really enjoyed the podcast. I decided to forget about him, and deleted him from my phone to avoid any drunk dials. Any who 2 weeks later (not the 20 years u suggested) he asks me to be his girlfriend and apologizes for everything. So at the moment we are just cordial. He has invited me to a family gathering and asked if he can introduce me as his girlfriend. I told him no, so now he is actually being a great guy, giving me lots of attention, dates, time, gifts etc. Seems like he likes me more when I don’t like him. All about the chase I guess.

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