The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Episode 41: Teaching your own, Slow Jams, Portion Size, Relationship questions

Episode 41: 

In this episode:

Pet Peeves: Puny pizzas and Gynormous Fedoras. Sai ponders why in a “Super Size Me!” world his large pizza seems so small.  Meanwhile Cucch can’t find a cap to fit his huge melon head.

Ask the Guys: Another fine batch of listener questions put The Guys to the test.

Lena:  Are we still “Friends w/ benefits” or does he want more?
Lucy:  Why did he talk about getting together and then stop calling?
Alex:   Help, I read my boyfriend’s email and he’s flirting.  How do I confront him?
Rewa:  My older brother’s friend has started to treat me like a friend or potential girlfriend.   I’m 17 and he’s six years older.  Any advice?

Slow Jams Contest Winner:
Who will take home the $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card?  We announce the winner. And what songs made the cut for our “TGP Slow Jams” mix tape?  Check out the full list at

The Meat: The trials of being the instructor when someone close to you is the student. Is patience enough when it comes to instructing your own children, special someone, or spouse?  We share some stories from the win and the loss columns when it comes to teaching our own.

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