The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Episode 42: Cats vs. Dogs, Mobile Matchmaking, Amy Winehouse, Addiction, The 27 Club


Opening: We talk about choosing the right cell phone and we discuss one lucky baby.

Pet Peeves: The Great Cat Haters vs. Dog Haters debate 2011!  It’s all out war in the studio!  Well at least all out war High School debate team style.

Ask the Guys:

Dani: From Facebook to Face-to-Face.  Is there hope or should I throw in the towel?

Saraya:  He left me pregnant now I need to know if he’ll come back.  Please help!

Jessica:  Is he just with me to pass the time?  I don’t want to feel like a second choice.

The Meat:

We discuss the untimely passing of singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse.  We also talk about the legendary “27 Club”, addiction and a great blog post by comedian/actor Russell Brand.  You can find a link to that article here.


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