TGP Episode 29: Relationship Questions and Telemarketers

We begin this episode with Pet Peeves. Somehow, somewhere, some person, while perusing the web for who knows what, “absent mindedly” made a simple clerical error and added a middle initial to Sae’s name. The consequences have been, let’s say, um, mixed. Cucch chimes in with his own telemarketer story.

Our next Pet Peeve involves a guy named “Harry Baals(Balls)” and the building they’d like to name after him.

We move to “Ask the Guys” where we answer several new questions.

From Sandra: “Is he just a playa?”

From Jasmine: “How do I get over him?”

From Mariah: “Am I missing something?”

We answer relationship questions with thoughtful and honest opinions. Please feel free to leave us a note on the “Ask the Guys” page, or give us a call at: 347-855-GUYS.

Also, check out The Guy’s Network for the lastest relationship question, and our opinions. “Am I getting played: What’s his game?”


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