Deleting friendship on Facebook

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Dear Guys,

I need your advice. I like a guy, so I added him in on Facebook. Well, he accepted it but then later on I found out he deleted the news feed in his wall which showed that he was friends with me. He did not do it for his other friends.

Do you think I better look for other guys because to I feel like he’s saying he’s not interested in me despite the fact that I know one of his girl friends has been teasing him when she happened to read the news feed about our friendship Before he deleted it)?



Dear Nyita

Thanks for writing to us.

Maybe we’re a bit out of touch, but does adding a guy on Facebook automatically mean you like them? If  that’s true, then we must have a ton of girlfriends that we are unaware of.

Facebook interactions should never replace face-to-face communication, but that’s what’s happening more and more. Social networks are fun to join, but they aren’t for matters of the heart. They are best for keeping in touch, sharing exciting news, posting pics—but not the kind you’ll regret later—and for other simple things like that. Once you try using it for me serious matters its inadequacy is exposed.

It’s time to move on Nyita. This guy does not seem interested. And he handled the situation very poorly. We’re sorry about that. However, this doesn’t mean you should feel the need to start looking for another guy right away.

We think you should spend time with your friends and do what you need to do with school and other activities. Focus less on finding a guy and more on some of the other things that make you happy. Your positive energy and outlook on life might just bring a new person to into your life. Sometimes the less we search the more the answers find us.

And please, keep your dating life off of Facebook.

All the best,


ps. There is one way you can use Facebook. Join our fan page and let your friends know about us. Or even tell them face-to-face.

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