Guys and Pink: A brief history

GUYS love pink! Yes it’s true. We know most people are under the impression
that pink is a forbidden color for us, but that’s a misconception we’d like to clear up

We’ve had a long and wonderful relationship with Pink since
we were kids. And we plan on nurturing that relationship as long as Pink will
have us. So let’s start from the beginning.

Our love of Pink started when we opened our first pack of
baseball cards. That hard stick of gum
would slide out between the cards to our six year old delight. It usually took at least ten packs to find our favorite players, so that's how many sticks we would end up chewing! It was little boy bliss blowing bubbles and having them pop and stick to our faces!! As you can see, Pink was already beginning to take hold. And little did we know she
would never loosen her grip.

Pink continued her imprint on our “still forming” minds when we made our first
trip to the Town Fair. Even with the two headed cows, the bearded lady and the
smallest deer in the world, our fondest memory was sucking down Cotton Candy until
it made us sick. We were amazed, and still are today, at how that
wonderful sticky, Pink thread would shrink twenty times its original size as soon as it came in contact with our mouths. To us, that’s still one of the marvels of the
modern world. And for that, we give all the credit to our love, Pink.

During the rest of our childhood, we encountered Pink in
many more shapes and sizes.

Pink Lemonade

Pink Erasers

Pink Rubber Bands for shooting

Pink Bows on our first crushes

All of these things just added to our love for Pink.

But what about now? Yes, our love continues, but now as adults our relationship with
Pink is much more complicated.

Let's look at clothes for example. Wearing pink is a risky venture at best. It CAN be pulled off, but only
if it's done exactly right. In this case, Pink needs to take a back seat and become
an accessory. That means it’s part of a cast in which it is clearly a
role player. Cool jackets and ties get top billing and Pink provides the backdrop so the rest of the ensemble shines. Why don't more GUYS attempt this? Because only the
confident GUY can make it work. That would be us!(We hope!)

So where else does Pink play a role in a GUY’s life?  It’s a very easy and obvious answer: WOMEN.

Women and Pink are truly one entity and we love them both.

When a women blushes her cheeks turn Pink(not red) and then we know we might
have a chance.

When she wears the color Pink we marvel at how it makes her so feminine……in all the good ways.

When we picture her beautiful Pink lips kissing ours, we
shudder with anticipation. 

When we……hold on, hold on……we'll stop before we get ourselves too worked up….you get the picture.

So to sum up. Pink may be the most relevant color in our lives and we will always love her, as long as she'll have us.


ps And if for some reason, Pink rejects US, we’ll be over in the corner eating fat, juicy steaks with
the tender, juicy PINK middle. 

What color does it for you and why? Please leave us a comment. We hope to be inviting guests for next week.

30 Comments on Guys and Pink: A brief history

  1. This was such an interesting post! Nice to read about what you guys think about PINK.
    Thank you also for stopping by my blog! I’m pleased that you like my bag 🙂
    have a nice day,

  2. Late Night Guy // September 3, 2009 at 4:48 am //

    Very cool. Love pink — cotton candy, bubble gum, and women. I’ll have to out and buy myself a new shirt…

  3. We’ll have a Pink Guys Night OUT!!
    Get ready for a brawl! 🙂

  4. Love it! Such a well-adjusted guy… I’m guessing your mom must have worn a pink apron and poured you strawberry milk with lunch.

  5. Speaking about clothes, There was a time when we decided with my friends to buy a pink t-shirt hehehe and it was cool-I think hehehe

  6. I like a pink dress shirt on a man, especially a large man who scares the crap out of people. So hot!

  7. How did you know??

  8. Men who are confident in their masculinity admit to liking pink :). I think a man in a pink shirt or pink tie looks fabulous although, as you said, an all pink outfit might be a little much.

  9. Historically, male babies wore pink and girl wore blue. Now it is considered, in most circles, not to be a masculine colour. It’s nice to see things changing. I think some business men look really sexy in a pink dress shirt and tie. Not all men can wear pink, doesn’t look right on them.
    I think this was a great post, sentimental even. However, I can think of something else that’s pink that you left out. A fun thing 😉

  10. Read between the lines! We didn’t forget!
    Thanks for your comment.

  11. hey guys – pink on men looks GAY to me.
    sorry, but I’m just one of those women who wants a man to not be a girlyman. I’ll wear the Pink and Blush, You just make me smile and I guarantee lots of pink.

  12. There’s pink…..and then there’s pink.

  13. Hahah, too funny. I remember those cardboard pieces of gum in the baseball card packs!

  14. Great blog. I really like The Guy’s Perspective Writing Team setup!!
    A mutual friend, Drew K, referred me.
    best ~ concordcarpenter

  15. Never really thought if it that way. Pink is an important color of our lives. Will never buy a pink shirt though, but will love to see it on women.
    Another thing that’s pink that’s important to us, Pepto Bismol. After a poker game, superbowl party, trip to vegas, etc., we need it.

  16. I love seeing a guy wear a splash of pink, and not be ashamed or embarrassed about it!!

  17. LOL I think it’s weird that guys wear pink. But this makes perfect sense as to why, I hate pink but I”m cursed with it looking good in the color lol good post

  18. Here in San Francisco I don’t know if too many straight guys would chance wearing pink. I know a lot of men look good in pink, and it’s a stereotype that men shouldn’t wear it, but I don’t picture my husband agreeing to wear a pink shirt.

  19. Your posts are always interesting. Good to know what guys think about pink. Keep posting………:)

  20. what about pink bed sheets, would you sleep on them?

  21. Depends who was with us!

  22. Is that an invitation?? 🙂

  23. HUmmm..I love pink..and why be like the norm. That is the problem in society today is that everyone has to do the trendy thing instead of being themselves. The world would be such a much better place if everyone could just be happy with in themselves…
    I bet cha would look fabulous in a pink shirt…
    Love to visit here because ya’ll always can bring a smile into the conversation…

  24. LOVE your blog. I like the pink post, too, and was wondering where you would go with this topic. Love the writing!
    My vote: caribbean blue, with pink on the side.

  25. Real men wear pink. I really like a guy who can pull off a pink tie or button down shirt (but not together). I’m a purple kinda gal myself; that’s my fav color.

  26. Have you ever noticed that Donald Trump frequently wears pink ties? Now if ever a guy defined (over) confidence and chutzpah then that is he.
    Anyway, looks good on the guy. No matter what the hair is doing that day.
    If I wore ties I’d go for a pink one.

  27. Charming post and very original. I owned a pair of dayglo pink shorts at one time. My daughter gave them to me as a joke. Did I ever wear them to the gym or anywhere in public? No way. I wouldn’t even sleep in them at night.

  28. A man who wears pink speaks volumes to women:
    We know he is in for ridicule from other members of his sex, so we see him as courageous.
    We know that he is adventurous and willing to try new things.
    We know that, by wearing a color of innocence, he has a kind and gentle nature and an appreciation of beauty.
    We know that he is capable of thinking and acting outside the box.
    We know that if he purchased the pink article himself, he is bold.
    We know that if a woman purchased it for him, and he is wearing it to please her, he is kind and generous.
    We know that the color enhances his complexion and gives him a glow that is most appealing.
    We know that he is a REAL MAN, and we whisper among ourselves that we wish our own men had such fine qualities.

  29. And WE know WE like YOU!!

  30. Hi GUYS! Thanks for visiting my blog. I think pink is great for men. I like it when a man is not bothered by the prejudices of wearing pink. But like you said, know how to do it right, unless you are really not bothered with other people’s opinion.
    I’m a pink lover myself. And have a whole pink wardrobe. So does my 5-year-old daughter, who is living in a pink bedroom with all her dolls dressed in pink and toys in pink.
    Anyway, I invite you to come over to Without Dash and explain your perspective on communicating with women in a guest post.

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