He messages me drunk; is he playing games?

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Hi Guys,
I’m from Canada and the guy in question lives in USA. We met online and he visited me in Canada.

He says he’s into me but only messages me late at night or when he’s drunk. He also takes forever to text back and always has an excuse when I ask to talk to him.

Is he interested or just playing games?


Dear Geets,

We get the sense that you might know the answer to your questions. Or rather, your gut is telling you something, but you want a second opinion.

You never talked about his visit. How did it go? What happened? How did you leave it? Did he want to visit again? Did you get the sense it was all about sex? (These are important questions to answer. If not for us, then for yourself.)

That said, his drunk messaging, and excuses about not being able to talk—except when drunk—seem to point to a guy who wants a relationship strictly on his own terms. Is that the kind of relationship you want?

So you ask: is he interested or just playing games? The more pertinent question is: How do you feel about the way he’s behaving? Seems to us that you’re frustrated, resentful and annoyed. If you feel this way now how do you think you might feel six months for now or a year from now? Meaning, we don’t see him changing any time soon.

Thoughts? Any follow-up questions? (Leave below in the comments section.)


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