Homecoming Dance: I think I really like him

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Hey Guys,

I’m a sophomore and I really like this senior guy too. He asked me to Homecoming, and he’s always texting me. He came over to dinner and even met my embarrassing parents. (I’m still surprised he’s semi-interested in me after meeting them). I sat next to him on a bus ride to one of our sports’ meets, and I listened to his music and he even let me lean on his shoulder to fall asleep. He said I’m nice, pretty, and beautiful, but it seems like I’m annoying him sometimes when we text. It seems like he doesn’t really want to talk to me very much. What do I do???


Dear Mia,

Thanks for your question. So have you already gone to the Homecoming Dance? It’s been close to a month since you wrote to us. If you have, you probably already have a lot more information about the situation.

To us it seems clear he’s into you. He wouldn’t have asked you to Homecoming if he wasn’t. But the question is more about, “HOW” he’s into you, or WHY? Meaning, does he like you because you are beautiful on the outside, or does he really want to get to know you as a person?

On the positive side, he passed the “parent test.” He was able to tolerate your parents, even if they were embarrassing you. (Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do??) What did your parents think of him?

On the flip side, the fact that he gets annoyed by your texting makes us wonder what his intentions are. Here’s a little excerpt from one our videos: Dating an older guy (Keep in mind that this is tongue and cheek, but there’s truth to it.)


If you’re under the legal age—which means you’re in high school— you should not be dating an older guy…period. Most freshman and sophomore boys are harmless enough because they are paralyzed by breasts, walking around like zombies carrying their books in front of their privates hiding what’s obvious to everyone around them. But junior and senior guys are more savvy. Their confidence is attractive to you, but that’s why you need to stay far away. They are like just born nomadic vampires with hypnotic powers they can’t control. You might think you’re mature enough to handle them but you’re not. These guys, no matter how cool they seem, are interested in you for one thing, and we hope you’re at least old enough to guess what that is.

End Quote

You see our point Mia. We’re not saying all senior guys are like this, but this is certainly something to consider. But rest assured, he’s definitely attracted to you.

Good luck and feel free to ask us a follow up question.


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4 Comments on Homecoming Dance: I think I really like him

  1. Hey Guys! So there is this guy in my Honors bio class, and hes really nice. I just started talking to him, and i kind of like him. My friend asked him if he likes me, and he said “Yea, shes pretty, and she has a nice personality, but im not looking for a relationship right now” Even though he said he likes me, he never acts like it. He doesnt really flirt with me, and doesnt try to talk to me in person. Whats does this mean?

  2. @Marmora….Well on face value alone it means he’s not really interested. But if we dig a little deeper it could mean a lot of things. 1. He’s pretending to be cool, but he’s really shy. 2. He thinks you’re the relationship type of girl and he wants to be free to “date around.” (Whatever that means in high school.) 3. He’s intimidated by you and doesn’t know how to approach you. 4. He thinks you’re pretty but he has his eye on someone else….etc…. It’s hard to say Marmora what he’s really thinking. We’d say it’s best to wait for him to initiate something. Or, try to engage him in conversation by talking about the class, and then see if something transpires from there. etc. Other than that, you’re at the mercy of the fragile ego of high school boys. Good luck. Hope this helps a little. Ask as many follow up questions as you’d like. ps. And please let your friends know about our site. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or wherever. We appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. Hi Guys, so I went to homecoming with this guy that my friend kind of put me with last minute. I was afraid it was going to be painfully awkward, but was pleasantly surprised to find that we got along pretty well. At the dance, we would dance with our group and have fun, but when a slow song came on, he would take my hand and lead me away from them and to a different area in the crowd. We talked and got to know each other during those moments, and he would pull me quite close to him. He was very gentleman-like the whole night. And later at our friend’s house he wanted to talk with me about whatever (like life and stuff). But when we message (this is after the homecoming day), it’s not as natural and comfortable. I’m just confused. What do I make of his actions towards me? Just an in-the-moment-thing or…?

  4. @Soomi……Sounds like you had a nice time together. Our sense is, if he doesn’t initiate something more, or ask you out, or do something to show you he’s interested, then the homecoming evening was just an in-the-moment thing, where he was being a gentleman. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good time; it just means he might not be interested in something more. Hopefully he’ll step it up and show you he’s interested. Question: What year are the two of you? (We’re assuming high school)

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