I am asking for a divorce but still feel sad and confused

Hi Guys,

I will try and keep this short and sweet but feel I need to give you the whole picture so you understand how I ended up where I did.

I met my husband at a party in August 2003 but we didn’t actually start dating until February 2004. We were engaged in November 2006 and married in September 2007. I was 32 and he was 33 when we married.

Let me start by first saying I was married one time previously to a pilot for only three months. We were together for two years before we got married and almost called the wedding off two times. I knew I shouldn’t have married him but we had everything planned and all his relatives were coming to Michigan from Portland. The same night of our wedding I knew I made a huge mistake. We filed for divorce in July 2003.

So my husband now and I had our first date in February 2004 and then kept dating ever since. I remember enjoying his company but I do not ever remember feeling completely gaga and soooo in love but I found him attractive, he had a great job, was “normal”, never been married, no kids and was an all around great guy. He really is a good man in so many ways and I always thought he would be a wonderful father.

Some of the challenges we encountered after we got married follow:

1) We started trying to get pregnant in June 2007 (I was 36 and he was 37) We tried for two years solid to get pregnant and it never happened. In 2008 we tried some fertility measures like Clomid but we were unsuccessful.
2) My husband lost his job of ten years in January 2009 that he loved due to downsizing. It devastated him. I always asked if he was okay and he said he was fine, just angry. He found out he was losing his job on a Friday and that following week was our fist appointment to meet with our fertility specialist to start the “big” process of invitro fertilization. He received a severance package of $40,000 but we both decided we needed to cancel our appointment not knowing how long it would take him to find another job. (The economy was horrible). I made $55,000 and he made $170,000. We lived in a $300,000 home, both had new cars and $40,000 wouldn’t last long if he had trouble finding a job.

We started growing apart, not sharing anything or enjoying activities together. I felt like I tried numerous times to feel him emotionally (something we always kind of struggled with) but I always felt so alone in our relationship. We never had a great sex life but it wasn’t horrible. It was just “awkward” and is the only way I can explain it. I also felt that the sports and how the house and yard looked was more important than us spending quality time together. I fel like I was always sitting in the background trying to grab his attention

Anyway, I was at a friend’s happy hour in June 2009 because she was leaving her old job and starting a new one, when everything in my life seemed to change. A guy that my friend worked with was at the happy hour. (She didn’t know him well but he knew some of the other girls there.) We started talking that evening and really hit it off. He was full of energy and was always smiling. He took my friend to another bar we were going to because she couldn’t drive and that is how he got my number because he was following me and had it in case we lost them on the way.

It all started with a random text weeks later out of the blue; it is now August 2009. Next thing you know we were texting all the time and I was laughing and smiling all the time. He filled my days and the texting continued for months. Next thing you know we felt like friends and started meeting for lunch a few times and quickly it went on from there.

My husband suspected something but never approached me until April 2010. I tried a few times to cut the ties with the other guy and did for a few months but really missed him. I thought about him constantly and loved how he made me feel. I would stay away for about 3 months and then a text would come up. He was married and had two children. He got married very young (20) and was married for 24 years and both children are now 23 and 18. He is just now 43 and I am 40.

My husband and I separated for about a month in October of 2010 and then I went back and then we separated again in February of 2011 and have been apart since. I have been in a relationship with the other guy ever since. If I had met this guy before my husband I have no doubt we would be together. He is getting a divorce and it is almost final and I have been putting things off which isn’t fair to all three of us.

I told my husband last night we need to move forward with the divorce but I feel so sad and sometimes still wonder if I am making a mistake. I love the other guy and we are at the finish line of being together yet I second guess myself.

I have never cheated on anyone before not even in my teens and 20’s and always prided myself of that. Then when I should really know better I begin an emotional affair that eventually let to a physical affair. I tried a few times to end it with this person but always felt like I was losing a best friend and then immediately started feeling lonely again. I hated myself for what I have done but yet felt like I couldn’t let the other guy go.

My husband feels like he never really had a second chance and that 3 months was not enough. He would still take me back now if I went back. He said he knew we had problems but didn’t think they were that bad. He said this all wouldn’t have been such a kick to the gut if we had separated and then if I met someone else (other than the guy that started all of this) and felt another person was a better fit but because it is the guy that caused our marriage to crumble it is hard for him to take. He obviously is upset because I gave up him to be with the other guy instead of giving up the other guy to work on our marriage.

I am not a heartless cold “b”, in fact, I am quite the opposite. I tried the best I could to not crush his world but of course I did. I am disappointed in myself for what I did, and I have a hard time forgiving myself for it even when he said he forgave me for the affair a long time ago he just wanted another shot.

It wasn’t like we fought or had major problems other than I felt like I didn’t connect with him or didn’t feel emotionally close to him. I wasn’t even thinking of divorce before I met the other guy. I knew we had things to work on but I too didn’t think our marriage was horrible by any stretch. I know I am rambling now. I guess I feel like I am this horrible person and like I am the only person in the world that failed a marriage. I HATE the hurt I am causing my husband but only wanted to go back for the right reasons and not because I felt guilty. However, I can’t seem to fully let him go and I cannot keep one foot in each relationship.

He said he is going to miss me, my family and friends. That when he married me he meant forever but obviously that isn’t going to be the case. He has been more than a gentleman considering everything I have done. I don’t know that I would have held on like he has if the situation would have been reversed.

You would think I would feel better finally making a decision after almost three years of this. The other guy is about done with me but he loves me so much he has been putting up with my dragging of the feet. I never thought in a million years I would have had an affair and anyone who knows me would have never believed it.

Should I be excited about finally moving forward? How come I feel scared? Am I making a huge mistake even though I know the guy I am with now makes me laugh all the time and he absolutely adores me. This guy is willing to have a kid with me when he has two adult children which floored me. I never “felt” that my husband loved me as much as this guy does. Maybe he did and just didn’t know how to show it. I am so confused. How do I know it is right to divorce? Why can’t I move on fully with the guy who stole my heart?

Sorry again for the rambling. I am sure this doesn’t make a ton of sense but if you still have questions for me I will gladly answer them if you can help me from either making the right or worst decision of my life. (Sorry for the poor grammer as well. I am tired of typing.)

Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.

Scared and Confused

Dear Scared and Confused,

Thanks for your question. We’re sorry this is such a tumultuous time in your life. Only you will know what’s right to do, but we’ll give you our thoughts and opinions on your situation.

Let’s start with your husband. There’s no doubt in our mind that he loves you dearly. And the fact that he’d still be willing to take you back, even after all that’s happened, is a testament to his strength, and willingness to forgive. Maybe he doesn’t know how to show you his love as much as this new guy—and maybe that’s what you need; someone who can show you—but he definitely loves you.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stay with him. Love is a two-way street. We’re not sure your reasons for getting married, but it sounds like you felt it was time, and so you married a good, solid guy. Maybe your weren’t sure how strongly you felt for your husband—was it true love?; you weren’t sure–but after some of the struggles the two of you had—conceiving and then financial—you started feeling less and less connected to him, and some of your doubts became amplified.

But let’s be clear. What you’re feeling right now—the sadness and doubt–is because you understand that a new person isn’t necessarily going to solve every problem. It might feel ‘perfect’ now, but inevitably all couples have issues. (Understand that it’s not guaranteed that the two of you will have an easy time conceiving, or that he’ll still be willing when the times comes. Just throwing that out there.) You also have a long history with your husband, and that’s tough to move on from. (For anyone.)

Now to your affair.

Yes, you betrayed a person you love. There’s no other way to say it. However, it’s you that needs to try and work past it. Your husband will heal—although it might take time—but what about you? At some point, in order for you to be happy moving forward, you’re going to have to forgive yourself.

Our suggestion:

The thing you need to do is separate the two situations, or the two men. Ask yourself the simple question: If there wasn’t another man in your life, would you still want to leave your husband? Because one situation is muddying the other. Sure, the new man possibly gave you the strength to finally move forward with your life and get divorced, but would you have ultimately done that anyway?

What we’re saying is, this new guy shouldn’t be the reason you’re leaving your husband. Maybe he’s showed you that the love you always hoped for is out there, but you still need to make one decision first, then make the next decision.

We hope this helps. Feel free to ask us as many follow up questions as you’d like.

Good luck and hang in there,


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15 Comments on I am asking for a divorce but still feel sad and confused

  1. confused and scared // September 28, 2012 at 1:19 pm //

    Dear Scared and Confused-
    I feel like we are living nearly the same life. I am dying and want to know how you managed this. Can we connect?

    confused and scared

  2. After all this time how is it? I am curious because i am in a very similar situation. Please answer me to my email if you can. I am desperate for advise. Is it worthy?

  3. @Maria….Do you have a question? (Remember: Comments are for everyone to see. THey are public) We’ll be happy to respond here though. Otherwise you can select the Ask a Private Question on our site for a private conversation via email. (For a fee of $35) Read the testimonials from clients on our Relationship Coaching/Advice site to hear what people have to say about THE GUYS.

  4. Lost and confused // May 31, 2017 at 8:04 am //

    I realize this is an old thread but I am in this situation and terrified. I don’t know if it is “true love” at this point but I met someone who made me feel alive again. All of a sudden problems in my marriage were amplified. I also lost a close relative which set my wold into a tailspin. I struggle daily with my feelings and whether or not I have made a mistake. I continue to tell myself that I could not have done some of the things that I have if I was truly in love. I don’t know how to separate the two though. I cheated for three years before and after we first got married. I go back to thinking it probably hasn’t been right for a long time. Then I think about our children and I worry that I am tearing everything apart.
    I don’t know how to look at the situation of whether or not the two parallel. It is hard to try and think if you had never met someone who made you feel that way would you be in the same boat. I think you can’t really be in love and betray someone. I will not be with this guy. He is married and I think there is no intention on his part to leave. But I can’t get over the feeling that I betrayed my husband and I don’t even have the guts to tell him. He doesn’t know about the first one either, and I have not felt guilty about the relationship I have found.
    Please reach out to me if you have any advice or can help me work through this!

  5. @Lost and confused…….This is an old post but there are no old threads. We see all comments on our site. Honestly, your situation seems to deserve a longer, more in-depth discussion, more than we can do here in the comments section. (We will offer some advice though) Note: If you’d like to have a private conversation with THE GUYS, check out our Ask a Private Question option on our site and follow the steps. If you’re skeptical about paying money for a conversation, then read the testimonials on our site to see what clients say about us. That said, we’re not sure what you’re asking…..Are you asking how to tell your husband? Or if you should tell him? Or how to live with the guilt? Are you asking if you should stay or go? Or are you just completely unsure of anything? (Like we said, we’d like to dig in to your question, but it’s tough here in the comments.) Also, this is a public forum for everyone to see. Let us know.

  6. Yay!! Its May 31, 2017 & I stumbled across this Post, & its not defunct !! So I Just posted a scenario and hope kindred spirits can offer their insight.

  7. @Tania……We just responded to you via email. If you want to communicate here in the comments that’s fine as well. But you have to leave your scenario/question as a comment. (The email question goes into the queue for us to answer on our Ask the Guys page.) Hope this helps.

  8. Ok so here goes, at the suggestion of The Guys This is in regardis to possibly ending my marriage-

    Hi, I am a 45yr old woman, married 10yrs & 3mo’s now. No children. The past year the fights/disagreements leading to days of not talking, have become an almost weekly thing. A few days ago during a very shout-y row w/ him he said to me ‘theres no one in the world that would put up with you’. I was floored. He had never been the one to say purposely hurtful things to me, admittedly I have been, which made it made it all the more hurtful because I felt like he really meant what he had said. In closing these past few days I have been working on the in’s & outs of splitting finances as well as the division of our 4 very adored felines. I love them all very very much but for one-4 cats would be waaaay to much in either of our 1 bedrm apartments. It just has to be a division. And I am totally thinking of staying w/ husband so as to not spilt up our kitty family. Crazy, thats whats breaking my heart! Not ending the marriage. Sorry theres not a specific question-just looking for a helpful perspective to all of this. Thank you.

  9. @Tania…..Let’s start with your marriage. Do you believe it’s time to split up? How are you feeling about that? It sounds like you’re kind of comfortable with the idea of moving on. What we’d suggest is that you first figure out how you’re feeling about your relationship and then figure out what to do about the cats. So how do you feel? What’s your gut tell you?

  10. @oneoftheguys-really ive known for years I am not with a man I love. He is a great provider and thats why ive stayed-money, its messed up i know. Like all relationships its multifaceted/complicated w/ all the necessary steps to take to leave. Im really trying to examine my heart to see what i want my life to look like. Soul searching in other words. Anyway thank you for taking the time to thoughtfuly reply to me. Good luck to all out here navigating the possibilities n decisions before you.

  11. @Tania……We agree. Relationships are quite complex, which is why there’s no one right answer, and which is why we don’t often tell people what to do. We think you’ll figure this out, but we don’t doubt there will be some pain along the way. You hang in there. And come back anytime if you’d like to bounce some ideas off of us. ps. And we hope you’ll share our site. Thanks.

  12. Oh scenario is exactly what is happening to me right now. I’d love to know what happened in the end. Regrettably no one ever seems to follow up on these things.

  13. @Lucy……We agree. People ask questions. We respond. (When we’re able.) And then, they often disappear. That said, we do respond to comments like we’re doing right now. Also, we do offer a private service that many women have found helpful. (Read testimonials on our Get Relationship Advice page to see what clients have said about us.) Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that we’re out here. And we’re sorry you’re going through a tough time. Maybe we can help? Our suggestion? For a short conversation, leave your question here. If you want a more in-depth conversation, try the Ask a Private question route.

  14. “I know the guy I am with now makes me laugh all the time and he absolutely adores me.”

    I’m willing to bet, when you met your husband, he too made you laugh all the time and absolutely adored you. Here’s the crux: that perfect state of bliss will not last. It never does. Not when the oxytocin wears off. Not once you’ve set up home together and life throws more curveballs your way. And then things will get tough. Again. Understand this: one day New Guy may also lose his job.

    And here’s why you might be scared. Because subconsciously you might know this.

    Things were tough. Personally, I feel it wasn’t the relationship at fault. You guys got beaten down. That’s what happens. And when you feel down someone new and fresh who offers only laughs and adoration and, yes, being blunt, an escape (was he escaping too?) would be tempting for anybody. But you *have* to know this: the escape only lasts so long as you’re escaping. Once you and this guy have set up home you’re on your own life will start hurling muck your way. And beat you down again. And then one day you’ll think…

    Do I give guy #2 a second chance? Do I roll up my sleeves and try to work through this crap patch knowing brighter skies will eventually emerge?

    Or do I get in touch with that other cute guy my other friend just introduced me to. He makes me laugh. He adores me. We could escape…

    Some people spend a lifetime moving on every time the going gets tough. Up to you.

  15. @Jon….Thanks for sharing.

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