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Dear Guys,

My boyfriend has been hiding pay stubs, lying, and carrying cologne in his work bag. Three days ago he told me that he and his female boss were going to a concert that night. She has a husband but still she’s going. And conveniently his grandma died, so he was free to go. The other issue is that he pays for very little in the home we share. He always disappears for hours and is constantly working late.


Dear Brittany,

We gotta ask. What exactly do you love about your boyfriend? From what you say, he’s never around, and when he is, he doesn’t help around the house, doesn’t pay for his fair share of expenses, lies, and makes excuses about his whereabouts. So what gives? Why are you putting up with this sort of behavior? What are you getting from the relationship?

Have you read our e-report on online cheating? We know your issue is slightly different but the e-report will tell you how we feel about his sort of behavior in general. We can’t say for sure what’s going on, but we’re big on trusting your gut. What is it telling you Brittany? Obviously you suspect him otherwise you wouldn’t be writing to us.

Trust is the foundation of all stable relationships. Without a solid foundation of trust, a relationship will crumble eventually. Clearly the trust is gone from your relationship if it was even present from the start. In order for you to get your relationship back on track, the two of you need to rebuild the trust. This starts by having heart-to-heart conversations about the relationship. It’s time you asked him directly what he’s up to. Try to get him to open up to you. After the two of you talk, you have to decide if you believe him. And than ask yourself the basic questions: Am I happy? Can I be in a relationship where I’m worried all of the time? Do I believe he can change his ways? Will I ever be able to trust him again?

We hope you can figure this out. But remember, relationships are a two-way street. Both partners need to be committed to making it work. Don’t settle for less.

All the best,


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