Is my boyfriend into young girls? (Relationship and Dating Advice)

Dear Guys,

My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year. I love him so much and I “feel” like he loves me too. That is, until I went on his cell after he left it at home and he had multiple accounts on a dating site. But that’s not the big thing. He is also posing as a 17 year-old boy AND GIRL talking to these young kids in flirty ways. (He’s actually 26.) And I’m not going to lie; I started twitching. (Thats some creepy stuff.)

I’m not sure how to confront him but I know I’m ready. Am I with a pedophile? Does he have split personalities?


Dear S, 

Thanks for your question. This is a potentially serious issue. For you. For him. And for these young girls/boys he’s flirting with. And you do realize what he’s doing is against the law? (We hope he’s not trying to take this to the next level.) And if he’s caught with any sort of child-pornography on his computer he could go to jail for a long time.

You need to bring this to his attention now. And we don’t think it needs to be said, but taking the evidence into account, we don’t think he’s the kind of guy you want to build a life with. If all of this is true, he needs help. He needs to see a therapist or psychiatrist to help him understand what’s going on for him, and help him so he doesn’t actually try to meet up with these kids.

We understand you’re going to feel conflicted. You love him and want to be with him. But he needs help. And certainly we don’t think you should abandon him. But the support you to provide should be all about helping him to get the help he needs. But we don’t see a future for the two of you. Do you? What do you think?

Feel free to ask as many follow-up questions as you’d like. (Use the comments’ section below.)

Good luck and definitely keep us posted.


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2 Comments on Is my boyfriend into young girls? (Relationship and Dating Advice)

  1. Hi,
    about 7 months ago I was at my best friend’s house, and her cousin happened to stop by. That’s the first time we met. He’s older than me by about 16 years (I’m really young, and he’s still hot, may I add). At that time it was pretty much sex every time we were together, namely at my friends house. (I’m still at my parents house, he wouldn’t be allowed there :b)When we hung out he would make gestures (like hugging, touching, grabbing, etc) and it would lead to sex afterwards. I thought that’s all he cared about, and I didn’t mind.

    Ok so here’s my question. Lately when were together(due to our busy lives not as often as before)he will hug me, kiss me, cuddle, etc but it wont lead to sex. We haven’t had sex in a long time(although we certainly could have). But he calls me cute, babydoll, and were a bit closer than before. What does this mean? Like what’s going on in his mind? If he did like me romantically, why hasn’t he said so yet? (He already knows I like him, thanks to my friend).

  2. @Taylor…….Before we respond we’d like some more info. How old are you exactly? Do you live with your parents still? How did the two of you begin your “relationship?” Have the two of you talked about an actual relationship?

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