My boyfriend tells his friends he’s single

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Dear Guys, 

I’ve been dating this guy for five months now. It’s a long distance relationship. We talk and stuff and he tells me he loves me and everything like that. One day we were on the phone and I guess we both thought that the other was going to hang up so nobody hung up. I overheard him telling his friends how single he is and everything. I honestly don’t know what to do. I  don’t know if should bring it up, because if I do bring it up then he’s going to accuse me of listening to his conversation, which would cause more problems.  I don’t know if I should break up with him or not.


Dear Amelia,

The fact that you’re so worried about his reaction if you were to bring up the issue, is just as concerning as the issue itself. It’s important to be with someone who wants to know your concerns, and is willing to talk about the issues and try to work through them. If your man immediately jumps to the defensive, and lashes out by making accusations, then that’s a red-flag in our minds, and something you should give some serious thought to.

As per the issue. If your guy is committed to you he shouldn’t be telling his friends he’s single. (The way you found out seems a bit blurry to us.) We don’t know if it’s bravado or what, but either way, he should be more respectful of his relationship, and shouldn’t feel the need to look cool in front of his friends. We’re also wondering if maybe he’s up to something, although that’s speculation. (He sounds like a younger guy. Is that true?)

We can’t say whether you should break up or not. That’s your call. But take a look at the entire picture and decide if you are getting as much from him as you are giving. You need to be with a man who loves and respects you the way you love and respect him. You also need a man you can talk to and share your feelings and concerns. And someone you can trust!!

We hope it works out for you.


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