Online Dating: What THE GUYS are looking for!

We started this discussion about online dating yesterday. We asked you what your experiences were using online sites to find “The One.” And today we continue to be blown away by your responses!! Truly blown away! We had no idea so many people actually met their current spouse or partner through an online site!? It makes sense to us, but we never would have believed it unless we read it ourselves. Inspiring for sure!

So if some of you are intrigued by the idea of online dating and haven’t tried it, or have tried it and want to do it again, THE GUYS are going to share their thoughts on what they look for when checking out a woman’s profile.

Hopefully this information will prove useful to some of you…. and interesting to the rest. And for the guys reading this. Do you concur??

It’s all about the photo. This does not mean sexy pictures
necessarily, but a picture or pictures that present you in a flattering light. NOT you drunk with your girlfriends, or hugging your cat, but a nice shot of your face or entire self. Important things to note. Can
we get a sense of you from your picture? Does it show your
personality? And of course, if the picture doesn’t really look like you, and you
know what we mean, please don’t put that picture as your main profile
shot. What if we actually meet you? Then what?

Step 2: Write a
fun, unique description. This is very difficult for most people. It’s hard to say great things about
yourself without sounding conceited. But this is the second most
important piece of the profile.

Here are some tips:
Be Positive– Don’t say all the things you don’t want about a person. Describe what you DO want in a partner.
Create a Personality– Be you. Be unique. We want to know about you specifically. Don’t make it generic.
Make it fun– No one wants someone who’s too stiff.
Be inviting– This means, just make it easy for someone to want to contact you. Don’t scare them away!
it Short
-Be as economical as you can. We want to know about you
quickly. If we like what we see and read, we’ll want the longer version later!

Don’t give more info than is needed. If you don’t really care about
religion or politics, then don’t list your religion or political party.
If you do care, by all means, that’s important. Remember, it’s all
about being inviting, so why limit your potential suitors?

Ask your GUY friends for their opinions. Every time we’re asked, we
have lots to say and lots of suggestions. Of course these are just our
opinions, but it all helps.

finally for your convenience, we’ve included two “Before and After”
descriptions that might help you in writing your profile.

1st Profile

Before: (What we were given.)

I am an outgoing woman who enjoys being around people. I am
fun, easy going, and upbeat! I can get silly but have a serious side as well. I
am an excellent listener and my friends count on me for that. I am petite and
stay in shape by walking my dog and going to exercise class frequently. People
think I am younger than I am. Men like my smile and legs. I consider myself
open minded and enjoy meeting all kinds of people. Somethings I will not
compromise include honesty and integrity. I admire a man who is confident and
can laugh at himself. He must tolerate dogs well. No control freaks need apply.
I like a man who has strong ideas and will share his interests and beliefs with
me, who is a leader not a follower, but leaves himself open for learning and

After: (Our Rewrite)

Take me out to hear some good Rock n’ Roll and I’m all
smiles. Throw in some good conversation and laughs and I’ll be genuinely happy.
Meeting an interesting, confident person that knows how to laugh and have fun
is what I’m hoping for. But that’s my easygoing side talking.

I do have a more serious side as well. I am very open and
honest and expect the same of anyone I have a relationship with, friend or
other. I am very giving, but I also have a life full of good friends and family.
I am hoping the person I meet will have the same balance in his life.

Oh yeah, I have a dog. Reggie is way cool. I hope
you’re OK with that.


2nd Profile

Before:(What we were given.)

I love tennis. I try to play tennis 4 days a week
and I’m looking for someone who is athletic and able to keep up. Other
than tennis, I like to read, go for walks, good conversation and movies.

spend a lot of time with my grandchildren so the person I’m looking for
must appreciate kids. It would be nice if you had kids yourself so we
would have something to share. I have a good sense of humor and expect
the same from the person I’m dating. I don’t like talking about the
weather. I like to have meaningful conversations. I’m ultimately
looking for a good partner who is young at heart and open to exploring
new things.

After: (Our rewrite)

The two things I love doing the most are playing tennis and
spending time with my grandchildren. And not necessarily in that order.
Otherwise I would describe myself as a contrast in styles.

Smart humor engages me, but not at the expense of others.

I’m shy, but love to debate.

I can still run hard, but prefer a nice walk with a friend.

I have my own interests, but family is most important.

I’m a person of action, but love to read about other
people’s lives.

Routines are great, but spontaneity appeals to me as well.

Small talk is not my thing, but mainly because the world is
too interesting to talk about the weather..

So if this speaks to you, I would love to speak with you. I
only ask a few things: that you’re young at heart, curious, and still open to

It certainly wouldn’t hurt if you were a tennis player with a sense of humor!

13 Comments on Online Dating: What THE GUYS are looking for!

  1. You GUYS may have a second career in writing online dating profiles for people. This is definitely better than what I used to read, or wrote myself. Thanks for the advice, this whole thing been making me think about trying online dating thing again.

  2. Thanks! We actually do write online profiles. In fact the two we posted were from clients.

  3. I’ll keep that in mind when it comes time for me to do one.

  4. well i read it all “dating” and it beats the hell out of my chat up line..are you sure you can handle this..THUD !! ha ha from stumungus double ha ha

  5. You did a great job with the rewrites. The first one sounded way too generic,like it was copied or could have been written by anyone. You definitely gave it more personality.
    I have to admit that I am still glad to have met my husband before internet dating existed. Back then we all met the old fashioned way–in a bar.

  6. Hmmm… This is the Guy’s Perspective right? Or are you really women in touch with your masculine sides ;-p. I found this article way too insightful and sincere. Guy’s Perspective,rrriiiggghhhttt. Smooches.

  7. These Guys are insightful and certainly know how to get a smile and laugh out of me!
    Enjoyed reading your re-writes of the profiles.

  8. I must admit your guys rewrites are a lot better. We women do seem to go on don’t we. Hey, it’s genetics though…it’s in our DNA, so you can’t really blame us right. ;o)

  9. Recently there’s been some questions about our masculinity! Are we too in touch with our feminine side? Or are we really females too in touch with our masculine side.
    Later today we’ll be answering these very questions with our latest post:
    “Our Inner Ram”

  10. I loved the rewrites…. amazing. Well have never done online dating…. would like to find someone the conventional way…haha.

  11. Very informative post! I think I will put your advice to work! Thanks!

  12. lol. interesting article!! no kidding! haha!
    I also read this tips recommended by a friend. It might interest your readers (and maybe you too).
    Very helpful and best of all, it’s free. (knowledge should be free, you know):P
    Check this out — it’s in PDF format.

  13. Great article! I’ll share it to my friends. Please try

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