Our Inner Ram

Here are some questions that were posed to THE GUYS recently.

-Do men have a higher need for sex than women?
-Are men naturally more polygamous than women?
-Is sex more emotional for women?
-Are people with sex addictions usually men?

These questions were answered in a great post on a friend's BLOG entitled: Without Dash
But the questions were answered from a woman's perspective.

Today we're going to address them from "The Guy's Perspective."

Our Inner Ram

Some time ago, a study was done with a Ram and some Ewes. The first day the Ram was put in a pen with one Ewe. The Ram immediately had his way with the Ewe and then took a nap for the rest of the day!! The second day the Ram was put in a pen with twenty Ewes. He proceeded to have his way with each one in succession. One by one, ALL in one day!! The researchers were amazed by this! How could this be? How could the Ram have that kind of stamina? (Well……OK…….we made that story up, but you get our point.) It really is kind of like that for GUYS. There's a little Ram in all of us. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves.

So what does this mean? It means that visual variety does play a big part in our sex drive. However, this does not mean we are chasing skirts all day long. Yes, we think about sex all of the time. And sure we look whenever we can. BUT, and this is a big BUT……most of us would never risk the relationship we have with our partners, just to be a Ram for a day. We love the women in our lives too much. And we love our families.

So how do we cope? We cope by looking at "those" magazines or websites. We're not sex addicts, we're just Rams in human form. The addiction we have is variety, and "those" magazines and movies give us variety without risking anything of any worth! If this is called sex addiction, so be it, but we consider it marriage counseling. It works for us, and it actually works for the women in our lives because looking at pictures is fantasy. Most of us know that. And "those" things help keep it in the fantasy world where it belongs.

So to our female readers, here's something you may never have thought of. And we're being very serious here. If you want to put a smile on your partner's face that stays with him for a month, bring him home one of "those" magazines or movies, just for fun. Consider it your version of flowers and chocolate. What will you get? Your husband or partner will have a new appreciation for you. And he might even become that listener you always hoped he would be. All of a sudden he'll be so interested when you talk about your cat, or how fat you look in your new jeans or your best friend's engagement ring. Truly!! And if for some reason he gets offended that you brought him gifts, well he may actually be a Ewe in Ram's clothing.

So what can you take away from all of this? Three important points.

-Guys do think about sex all of the time. But that's not a bad thing."
-Most Guys are able to separate fantasy from reality. Also a good thing.
-Sure, Guys like to be in charge, but a little "change-up" from you is most welcome.

So let the GUY in your life strut his inner Ram. Because at the end of the day, he really only has eyes for Ewe.


So what do you think? Are you surprised? Does this sound familiar to you? How do the Rams in your life behave?

18 Comments on Our Inner Ram

  1. I dunno, Guys, about getting my man one of those mags or films. Men are visual so how can a Ewe compete with those air-brushed bodies? I know the articles don’t draw Rams, no matter what they tell you. I really think Ewes should be a little aggressive with their Rams sometimes and most definitely dress in ‘Bunny’ clothing when the mood strikes. But if women constantly have to compete with those pics, well, you will have Inner Ram meeting Inner Bitch and that’s not pretty. Now there’s a visual for you!

  2. It’s definitely not about airbrushed bodies. It’s only about variety. Remember, we know that it’s not real!!
    And of course, it’s just a suggestion.:)

  3. That makes sense. a ram will continue through the pack until he finds that each one has its own special something.
    and then he falls asleep. funny, but oh so true from what I’ve seen.
    I’m not sure about the most men loving their families more than their ramdom, if you get what I mean. I think men do what they want to do when they want to do it. I also believe that most women also do what they want when they want to the same as men but maybe they consider how bad the fall out will be before hand so they weigh it out on a different scale due to their more emotional attachments.
    men are definantly more physical in all ways.

  4. hehehe men are ram, How about a rabbit heheh

  5. I’m not surprised at all. I’d have no problem bringing home a mag for a bf, as long as he had no problem with me enjoying it right along with him!

  6. This is so true, you guys are spot on! I have had these talks with my boyfriend before. He’s said the same thing, “those” magazines, websites, etc are all fantasy, but he said they don’t hold a candle to the real thing. He would never risk our relationship, but he needs to have that visual variety. I don’t mind at all giving him that freedom, where he doesn’t have to sneak around the house to watch his videos. And yes, sometimes I watch them with him, and oh boy does that make him happy!! 🙂

  7. scooter girl // September 11, 2009 at 8:31 am //

    This is a great article – and nice that you are putting it “out there” for all of us! I agree with getting my man a magazine here & there…for special occasions…good to see others may feel the same way. After years & years of marriage, we all need a little fantasy, right?
    So, the next time your woman asks you to watch a chick flick with her, you might want to consider it!
    All that emotional gushing might just put HER in the mood! 🙂

  8. Variety is the spice of sex-there’s no doubt about it. Less damaging in a relationship if it comes in the form of fantasy.

  9. wow I never thought about it that way

  10. I know what kind of a surprise I’m bringing Joe on our vacation this week.
    Thanks for the tip and even at our age 63 and 64 this makes sense.
    I think you nailed it..
    Dorothy from grammology

  11. Thanks for mentioning Without Dash!
    I’d like to add another comment to your post (from a women’s point of view, of course)
    Everyone has sexual fantasies. And it has nothing to do with sex addictions or being depressed or dissatisfied. But I’m wondering if that is more important to a man than his ego. Which part of you would like to have rubbed?

  12. Hmmmmm….
    Considering that the sexual part of a female is most definitely more emotionally connected…the idea of buying their guy a mag may not be such a good thing.
    For many woman…a fantasy can be just as threatening to them as a real women because she is all about emotions.
    I believe it really depends on if they both like bananas:)
    Using that simple analogy…in order for both partners to be comfortable with whatever goes on behind those closed doors…they both have to be game for the same thing.
    I have read thousands of men versus women debates and it almost always boils down to…the men saying
    …it is who we are…it is an innate reflex or drive……it has nothing to do with you… ….honey 😛
    Women will say….that is your excuse for everything you get caught at….we are sick of hearing this as a reason for having a wandering eye ….why can’t they just be happy with what I have to offer?????
    Guys do not get, that when they leer or fantasize about even a photo…it can give their partner reason to feel less than.
    Again there are different mind sets for every women as well as men.
    I go back to…in order for a successful and enjoyable relationship for both…they had both better like bananas 🙂
    A fantastic post as always!

  13. Hi Boys,
    Great subject as always. I learn a lot here.
    I have been out of town. I must say I have a very high sex drive, much more than my Fiance. I drive him nuts sometimes =;)

  14. I have to agree with your post. When I was in a relationship, we were both very adventurous. Giving him naughty gifts and setting dedicated playtime aside really did work out well. I would also recommend reading erotica to your male partner. Men seem to be almost as audio sensitive as they are visual.

  15. Thanks for all your great comments!! Very different, which is neat to see.
    We’d like to respond to a few.
    We agree with you, DorothyL, that both partners have to be into “bananas.” With open communication it’s likely to have been discussed. But as far as women being threatened even by fantasy, that hasn’t been our experience. As always it’s a case by case basis, but we’ve been in relationships where the women were into the fantasy thing as much, or more than us!! But yes, leering in front of your partner is not cool ever!
    And to Suzanne: Yes, all people have sexual fantasies, but we’re just more obvious about them. And more open.
    Or of course it could be that you(women) know your men have too fragile an ego to discuss your own sexual fantasies with, but that’s a topic for another day!! But you’d probably be right! 🙂
    Important note: We know we should watch more chick flicks with you!!

  16. How about this? I don’t buy my hubby a mag but we watch “sexy” DVDs together. I want to be part of that fantasy and you are so spot on with your article. Communication and understanding is really the key to a healthy realtionship and that includes sex.

  17. sometimes i think i’m a man
    -Do men have a higher need for sex than women? NOPE
    -Are men naturally more polygamous than women? YES, unless you put the fear of God in them. hehe
    -Is sex more emotional for women? Heck to the yeah!
    -Are people with sex addictions usually men? NOPE. when are just better at hiding it. 🙂

  18. An adorable post.

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