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Dear Guys,

So, I just had prom. I was standing by myself and a boy that I know came up to me randomly to talk to me. He wasn’t my date or anything. When he was talking to me, it seemed like he wanted to ask me a question, but didn’t talk very much. He just came off the dance floor and was taking a break. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to dance, but I thought that would be awkward. Help please?

(We asked her to elaborate a bit.)

Yeah…mainly if he’s interested and how to follow up. And what should I do if it happens again. The convo ended on an awkward note before he left. I really wasn’t paying attention to him because I was finding my friend. But I like this person too, if that helps. Thank you! 🙂


Dear Allyson,

Thanks for writing to us.

We’re assuming both you and this boy didn’t have formal dates. Which means both of you are single.

So how do you know this boy? Do you have classes together?

If he’s really interested, and not too shy-which we assume he isn’t because he approached you-then he’s probably trying to figure out a way to run into you so he can talk to you. Is there a way you can make this easier for him? Do you know his schedule, or does he play sports that you could go see, etc?

However, if he got the vibe that you weren’t interested since the conversation ended awkwardly then he might have already given up. If that’s the case you need to take the initiative. You could do this with the help of your friends, or you could figure out how to run into him and go from there. What about the cafeteria? We know that kids claim their territory and any kind of deviation in table seating can cause problems, but is it possible for you and some friends to eat next to his table? It might make it easier to have a follow up conversation. Or is there a local place that people go to? Find out where he hangs out and show up with some friends.

In the future, if you’re really interested in a guy, do everything you can to NOT make it awkward. Teenage guys are very insecure, even the guys who pretend they aren’t by strutting their stuff. It’s really hard for young guys to approach a girl because they aren’t used to being rejected like older guys, and also because young people in general will do anything they can to not look foolish in front of their friends. Guys are notorious for making fun of each other, and getting “dogged” by a girl is prime fodder. So understand when a guy comes to talk with you he’s taking a big chance, even if it doesn’t seem like it. So if you are interested make it easy on him. If you’re not, then the more awkward the better.

Hope this helps.


ps. Feel free to join in the discussion and follow up with us. Leave us a comment. And let your friends know they can ask us any question any time. We know Prom season is ripe for confusion.


1 Comment on Prom

  1. Allyson // May 12, 2011 at 4:50 am //

    Thank you guys! You guys don’t know how much this helped. I’m getting as much info (not being a stalker, of course) from my friends of where he hangs out and his classes. I talked to him just the other day about prom, but didn’t get the chance to say what I really wanted to ask about…which was prom. I hope all goes well before I graduate. Again, thank you so much! 🙂

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