Question/Answer: GUYS and SEX

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Dear Guys,

My Boyfriend "wants" me all of
the time. He’s the first boyfriend I’ve had who's like this. Are there other guys
like him?


Jenny in Maryland


Dear Jenny,

Do you really have to ask?


First of all, if your boyfriend
wants to have sex with you all the time, isn’t that a good thing? From The
Guy’s Perspective this certainly is a good thing. He’s obviously attracted to
you physically and must feel the two of you have a lot of chemistry. So we hope
you ARE happy about this, although from your tone, we’re not so sure.


Guys think about sex all the time.
Any time, any place. And we mean any. This is how we’re wired. You could be shopping together for shower curtains and he's thinking, "Wow that design really makes me want to have sex!" Sure, there are
varying degrees of intensity. Your boyfriend might be on the more intense end
of that spectrum, but believe us when we tell you, guys are generally wired the


When a Guy pursues a woman, it’s
because he’s attracted to her in some way. (Translation: He wants to have sex
with her.) But sex alone isn’t generally enough for a GUY to want to commit long
term. He’s looking for a woman who is intelligent, trustworthy and genuine.
He’s looking for someone he can introduce to his family. But this is only after
he’s decided he’s attracted to her.


So enjoy yourself. Intimacy between
people who care about one another is a wonderful thing.


Yes, your man is a dog. All men
are! But when people think of dogs, what is the first thing they think of? 


So hopefully you have that variety
of dog.


If you have the "other" variety,
discard him quickly. Because “Human Dogs” cannot be trained.






7 Comments on Question/Answer: GUYS and SEX

  1. Quite funny but indeed very true. Enjoying every words with a smile!

  2. Governor Bradford // July 23, 2009 at 2:57 pm //

    I couldn’t agree more and you are fortunate. Men will almost always be attracted to a woman sexually at first. An immediate spark for him, and then as things progress he will look for many of the same qualities a woman seeks in a man. It’s that simple. I hope you develop together and find each other soon.

  3. Well, Jenny, this usually happens at the beggining of the relationship. After a while he won’t be like that anymore.
    Oh, and guy’s – girls think about sex more than you think 😉

  4. Well said, Alexis! Something for us to keep in mind!!

  5. Will guys sleep with ANYONE just because it’s sex?

  6. And have no physical attraction?

  7. @TK….Depends on the guy. Yes, some guys will. Not all.

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