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  1. Hey guys! I am recently engaged to an amazing girl. It’s been two years now in a long distance relationship. We have been through a lot to say the least. My question for u is that she is very expressive in saying she things like I just can’t live without u, and things of this nature everyday and it gets on my nerves because its very cliche. I love her very much but when did just saying I love you not meet the cut? I want her to keep being adventurous and keep her young wild side but lately it is gone and it is all cuddling and pouring out her heart every day with can get exhausting. How can I tell her in a non offensive way that I want her to cut back on that and do more of the dangerous girl attitude I fell in love with?

  2. @Slb88…..(Shane)…..We think this is a question a lot of people might be interested in hearing. Please submit it using the Ask the Guys page on the website.
    Thanks for your interest.

  3. Im 22 and my gf is 21 we had a very mature relationship and we both knew that we wanted to eventually get engaged and move forwards with our lives. We always talked about the future and everything was great. At the 3.5 year mark me and my girlfriend had some ups and downs. The last 3 weeks have been the worst we said we need some time and she wanted to figure herself out. I went 3 days without takling to her, then i txtd her and called her. She didnt respond to either of them so i wrote a love letter and took it to her house. We went for a walk, she read it, and i felt like we might get back together. We both agreed to still keep things slow. The last 2 days i found out that she was sleeping at her girlfriends house when she told me she was sleeping at home. I randomly showed up to her house to confront her about the situation and told her that honesty and trust will bring us back together but, she got mad at me and said we arent together and taking things slow so she doesnt need to tell me anything. She said she doesnt ask me about what i do and i shouldnt either. I still love her and i know she cares about me, but she says she wants to give it a serious amount of time without talking and when things cool off take things slow from there. I dont want to call her and txt her again for a while to respect her decision but i feel like she will just move on and forget about what we had. She knows i want to get back together with her, but i also told her i want her to get back with me only if its her decision not that im persuading her into it, because ultimately it would be pointless. What do i do? How long do i wait before i contact her? i want this relationship to work out. please help.

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