Should I Try Online Dating?

Dear Guys,

I’m considering signing up for an online dating service.
What do guys really think of meeting girls online?

Samantha, Indiana


Dear Samantha,

Guys don’t really care how they meet women, they just
want meet them.

Which means GUYS always have their radar up. They could be
in the Laundr-o-mat and the cute girl washing her sheets is fair game. Or at the
Grocery Store. Or Aunt Lizzy’s BBQ. A
party. Job. Walking. Running. Standing in line for the bathroom. AND yes,
online. It’s all good. Many SINGLE GUYS are signed up with one of the online services,
even if they only go on when they’re bored. But all that means is their expectations are low. It doesn't mean they wouldn't contact someone if they thought that person was cute or interesting or both.

Everyone is so busy these days, that the traditional ways of
meeting  people aren’t always possible. So
online dating sites are just another way for GUYS to meet more women. That’s
not to say we're not more skeptical about meeting someone online. So much
deception goes on when a person can hide behind a computer screen, that GUYS are
leery of whom they’re really talking to. But of course, you should be too.

But we say GO FOR IT. It’s very possible you might be
pleasantly surprised at who you meet. And who knows, you could meet “THE ONE.” (Although, we're not sure what that means really.)

One cautionary note: Please be careful. First meet someone
for lunch or coffee in a busy place. And use your own transportation to
get there. This is not to scare you, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. Good Luck
and keep us posted.


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6 Comments on Should I Try Online Dating?

  1. I’ve tried online dating. I found that a lot of people lie online, but you also get to meet some really nice people.
    I don’t like the part where you have to go on a date and meet them in person though. It makes me nervous and feels very formal.
    I prefer to meet people in a more spontaneous way (socially or through friends).

  2. Love it! Wish I’d found this site sooner!
    Big smooch for bringbackpluto for directing me here.
    Emmme xoxo

  3. Thanks for the great comments! It’s nice to hear what our readers think.

  4. As a female, I agree with The Guys. Online dating has lost most of its stigma. I’ve had several relationships with men I met online, and although they didn’t work out in the end, I met some wonderful men in the process and enjoyed those relationships as much as I did any that started up offline.
    OL dating can be difficult because the rejection is so transparent, and there’s something of a shopping mall mentality that tends to raise expectations. But if you approach it just like you would dating in the real world, without unrealistic expectations of perfection or a 100% success rate, then it can be a really good way to meet people you’d normally never encounter.

  5. Eeeek! I would be afraid of the girls that I would find on internet dating sites. I am sure some are nice good girls. For the most part I think they would desperate and STD ridden. Or just a phyco.

  6. We think you might be able to find those out at any local bar as well…..along with the nice girls that you mention.

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