Ten Questions to ask yourself before saying: "I Do."

Since we are all conspiracy theorists at heart, we feel it’s only
fair to share some important information we’ve gathered along the way. Of course what we seek may be different than what you seek, but this information could  help to you find your own Holy Grail.

Since everyone loves lists, here is our list of “The ten things you should ask yourself before saying those two most sacred words: I will!”

And for our male readers. Please feel free to add to the list. We’re not a secret society here!

Away we GO!!!

Does your man only say “I love you” when he’s aroused or about to enter the sacred chalice? If so, you may have a guy who is constantly searching.

2. Does your man say yes to everything you ask?
We’re not talking about normal compromise and the give and take that works in a healthy relationship, we’re talking a “YES MAN.” If so, you may think you hit the jackpot, but instead you’ve landed in a holding pattern around Boredom Airport.”

3. Is your man ambitious?
Let’s define this more clearly because as you know ambition can be a very good thing. But does he put his ambition first? Or his career first? Always saying, “As soon as I get this things will be good.” Sure you’ll be adorned with lots of presents, but he may never be present.
And that’s literal and figurative. You figure that out.

4. How
long does your man stand in front of the mirror?
For men and women this
is a very different beast all together. We’re not opposed to careful grooming, but a man who constantly scrutinizes his own image, may be a bit too caught up in body image entirely. If so, good luck living up to that one.

5. How laid back is your man? There’s a fine line between, “It’s all Good!” and “I don’t give a shit.”

Does your man try to hide the fact that he thinks other women are hot?
This is called the secret life of GUYS. Openly flaunting attraction to another women is NOT COOL!! But pretending he’s not attracted to anyone else in the entire world is absurd!

7. How jealous is your man? Some jealousy is a good thing, especially early on in a relationship. It can show that your man cares about you. But as you get more serious, or approach matrimony, the types of insecurities that lead to stalking or worse should be quieted. Sure, men are protective of their mates. That is part of us. But be aware of how this plays out. Any form of phone, email, text tampering pretty much means, RUN AWAY! And yes, we’re serious. Someone that insecure is trouble. Open communication early on will help immensely in this arena.

8. What does your man do for a living and
are you happy being poor?
We’re kind of joking here. We actually hope the answer is yes. Meaning, we’d like to think you love us for who we are. But we also know that sentiment gets old fast. Modern life is expensive. Family life is expensive. And that longing in your eyes as you watch your man perform at that dive bar down the street is going to disappear if there’s not enough money to get diapers. Be honest with yourself. And most importantly, hope that your GUY loves being Mr. Mom.
Someone’s gotta wear the pants in the family.

9. Is your GUY
comfortable with you having friends?
And we don’t just mean ex-boyfriends or other GUYS. We mean anyone. Any Guy with some testosterone coursing through his veins will be a little jealous(there’s that word again) if you hang out with your ex. That subject alone might take up a whole other post. But some GUYS just don’t want you to have a life outside of them. So ask yourself if you’re OK, being sucked into his world. For some it works and for others it

10. We saved this one until the end because it’s the juiciest one of all.
We’ve developed a ratings system to help with confusion upon entering a life altering decision.
We call it, “First pick or second two.” This was a basic rule we used as kids upon deciding teams for any pick up sport. Sometimes simplicity is the most effective means to solving a problem….or for that matter anything. Here’s how it works. When picking teams the “captains” could either get first pick or the next two picks. This made the rest of the picks crucial, because it eliminated the obvious choices, and turned the rest of the picks into the winning or losing team. So here’s how it applies to our list.

Since we’re speaking in terms of TEN, let’s say you have ten important criteria when picking a mate. Without a doubt, you should get your first pick or your second two. Without one or the other, the rest of the picks don’t matter. But then after that, the rest of the picks (criteria) could turn to gravy, or unfortunately, artificial sweetener. And that’s where the fun and mystery lie.

So our questions is: Are you getting your “First pick or second two?”

If so, great! Time to move forward from “I will” to “I DO!” And have fun discovering the hidden gems of the next picks.


We hope this post was somewhat helpful. Please leave your comments. We love hearing from you!!!

16 Comments on Ten Questions to ask yourself before saying: "I Do."

  1. Great post, Guys! Since I already said “I do,” I must say your tips are excellent. Every about-to-be-married should read this. And seriously ponder your thoughts….

  2. I feel like I’ve written all this stuff before for guys your pretty smart…
    This is so good and soooo true..hats off to you.
    Dorothy from grammology

  3. I feel like I’ve written all this stuff before for guys your pretty smart…
    This is so good and soooo true..hats off to you.
    Dorothy from grammology

  4. Something to tie into #7 & 9… Is your man keeping tabs on you 24-7? Constantly calling your cell to see where you are? Wanting an account of every moment from the time you left work to the time you walked in the door?
    Mayday…Mayday… Control freak in the house.
    It’s normal to want to make sure you’re ok and to know when to expect you. Electronic surveillance is not.

  5. I’m not currently dating anyone, so these are good “markers” of what to avoid. The whole process looks a little daunting at the moment!

  6. Another chick who said I do a while ago, but I still enjoyed the list.
    I would add one more thing, but I know Eleven Questions to Ask Yourself… is not quite as sassy as Ten Questions to Ask Yourself…
    Can you live with this person — will he or she be a good roommate? Sounds silly but it’s true.
    And after you have a few kids the roommate to object of all your favorable thoughts ratio starts to become a tad unbalanced.

  7. wow wow wowww guys. you hit it and stomped it into the ground.
    I think these are questions everybody needs to ask themselves. I ask myself a few of these almost daily. ahh well then again I am a work in progress.
    thanks for the positive incentive to try to do the right thing, by ourselves – You Guys are so Thoughtful.
    obtw, did you check out the funk on our main page today ? video and alllll

  8. Coming from a married woman, these tips are excellent and right on the dot. Before I met my husband, there were loads of tips and advices out there to be followed and guess what?….none of them were heeded when I met hubby. I must say I am lucky with my husband becuase I didn’t pay attention to some advices from friends. He turned out to be a gem that just needed a slight polishing. Today I live comfortable, loved-up, independent and truly happy as a married woman.

  9. Jeesh…if only people would take all of these tips into consideration before they jump in…there would be a lot more happy people around.
    I would also add something about his likes/dislikes for children.
    Take a look at who his friends are and also his family. One can tell a lot and/or find out a lot about a person just in getting to know his closest peers!
    It also would not hurt to have to take a few courses aside from getting a license 🙂

  10. I loved it; very informative. I love hearing a guy’s perspective. Looking over that list, I’d say I have a pretty good guy.

  11. Woo-hoo, I think that this is my favorite post of yours so far. These are so funny but so true. I love number 5. I have quite a few friends who have husbands that they thought were laid back but turned out to be slackers.
    I’m definitely married to my #1 choice. Getting ready to celebrate our 16th anniversary even though I probably only asked myself about half these questions before getting married.

  12. Nice post GUYS. You’ve done a good job describing the average asshole. Guys who fit in any of these categories should just never propose, because obviously they are not ready for marriage. Unfortuanately, they are more often than not the ones that do propose.
    Do they think that they are doing their girlfriends a favor by marrying them?
    I’ll have second two picks, btw. You can have the first pick!

  13. Asking these ten questions beforehand, I wonder how many marriages would actually take place? Maybe it’s better to just say I DO and take one’s chances.

  14. I really like your blog and I agree so many people need to ask more questions.

  15. All very good questions any woman should ask before tying the knot!

  16. “But pretending he’s not attracted to anyone else in the entire world is absurd!”

    Well I am a guy 35 and I would have agreed with you until one day I found ‘the one’. I lived with her for 10 months and other women became the same as other men to me sexually.

    So to me your statement is like saying, “But pretending he is not also attracted to men is absurd”.

    Now we separated (she cheated and it broke the spell) but still after 4 months I am aware that I am now asexual except for her. To me this was beautiful to have found true love. But she didn’t believe me I am sure.

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