The Driving Test: It reveals Much!

Driving to my in-laws house over Thanksgiving is no fun. Once I’m there, it’s great, but the traffic going down is hell. Not nail biting hell, just annoying as hell.

Imagine this. Three lane highway. All three lanes full of traffic. For miles.

So I’m driving on one major highway and I need to get in the right lane to merge on to another highway. I assess the situation and I know I’m confronted with three choices. (Remember these choices. They will come into play later!)

Choice 1: Merge as soon as I can, which would put me in the right lane about a mile back from the exit.

Choice 2: Move over somewhere around the half mile mark, hopefully in front of a truck that’s left some space in front of it.

Choice 3: Speed in the middle lane and cut in as close to the exit as possible.

I won’t lie to you, the first choice just isn’t me.  I’m not patient enough when I drive. I should be. It would be better for my health that’s for sure! But although I’m generally a kind enough soul, I have an aggressive streak that occasionally comes out on the road.  Where I live, it’s eat or be eaten. I try to eat.

So as I’m driving down for Thanksgiving, to my surprise and my wife’s, I pull over about the 3/4 mile mark. She just looks at me. She likes driving…grew up with cars…her dad, brother. They all know about cars. I know nothing, but at least I drive like them.

I say to her, “What?!!”

She says, “Do you need to get your testosterone levels checked?”

I say, “I just didn’t feel like being an ass……..”

She says, “Oh really.”

I say, “Yeah. I just can’t stomach it anymore.”

She nods. I nod. We drive.

After arriving at our destination and decompressing for a bit, I was talking to her brother and telling the story I just relayed to all of you. We were laughing about it saying it was the perfect “Guy Barometer.” Each choice gives a woman a pretty good indication of whom she’s dealing with. And no choice is better than the other, just different.

(Keep in mind that these are generalizations. Individuals may vary!)

Choice 1/The Early Merger: Likely to be kind, patient. An all around good guy. Might be boring. Methodical. Possibly a handyman. Book smart. Slow moving…..apply that how you want. Responsible.

Choice 3/The Last Minute Cutter: Aggressive and proud of it. Not patient. Goes for it. Probably has money. Could be a good guy, but also could be a total, you know what! Not handy, but handsy. Street smart. Fast moving…..apply how you want. Risk Taker.

Choice 2: Any combination of above. But he might be worried about what other’s think too much, including you.  However, he could also be a mystery worth unraveling.

So here’s what we’re suggesting. Give your man the driving test!!

It’s often hard to tell after a few dates what your new man is really like. So go for a drive during rush hour or some other crazy time to be on the road and watch what happens. Watch him while he’s sitting, moving and most importantly merging to get off an exit.

You will learn more from from that drive than you will from any advice book you’ll ever read.

So give it a try and please report back. THE GUYS and I want to know.


ps. Please share any of your traffic or road experiences with us, as they may or may not relate to your relationship. We’d love to hear from you.

8 Comments on The Driving Test: It reveals Much!

  1. Oooo, this is too good! My (beloved) husband fits into every category. He is intelligent, quiet, and handy around the house, but takes humongous risks when driving. We were driving over the mountains after Thanksgiving in Virginia and coming back to Pittsburgh. At the top of one mountain we hit snow and no-stopping, completely spin-your-tires ice. Six cars were piled up in various stages of damage. He kept going at the same speed. “I got this, I got this,” he kept saying and for four solid minutes I stopped breathing. So, okay, he had it and we made it home, but it was heart-stopping. Watch out for those quiet guys!

  2. Sorry, but I hate the aggressive drivers on the road that cut in at the last minute, I always feel compelled to ask, “what, are you too good to wait in line like everyone else??” even though they can’t hear me. There are people in the Drunken Midget’s school parking lot who do the same thing. They refuse to wait in line and cut in at the last minute, or block the exit lane, to drop their kids off. Wait in line like the rest of the world! That’s one of my major pet peeves.

  3. This reminds me of why I usually suggest that we take the train. My husband is a choice 3 guy and I’m a choice 1 woman. Just one of my many tricks to avoid an argument (and be green).

  4. My husband fits best into choice number 3, with occasional tendencies toward number 2: he’s a last minute cutter, a risk taker, suppressed road rager, until I’ve had enough of it and call him on his life-threatening habits, whereupon choice number 1 briefly emerges. It is then that he points out the faults of every single individual who engages in the same driving tactics he has just so reluctantly relinquished.
    Like Tina, I’m a choice number 1 woman. But I tell you what – I get where I’m going just as fast as dear Hubby does, and with considerably less anxiety. And no middle fingers shot in my direction.

  5. So, I take choice number 1, and my fiance is totally number 3. I don’t think he’s a last minute guy because of those reasons, however. He’s a last minute cutter, because he’s awful with directions. It’s usually me at the last second yelling, “THAT’S OUR EXIT! DO YOU NOT LISTEN TO THE GPS?” Then, we almost die trying to get over. And, after that? I drive.

  6. I live in Metro Manila.

    People get shot dead in the face point-blank just for not letting someone take over in traffic.

    In Metro Manila, all of your points do not apply. 🙂

    I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  7. The driving test is a perfect example to give whenever the question comes up about getting to know/love someone online.

    The test reveals exactly the kind of knowledge that we can only get in person – just asking someone doesn’t cut it; only seeing firsthand works!

  8. And what does it mean if I am an unashamed Driver #2?

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