The Psychology of Hats

It's Wednesday. Good morning/afternoon/evening. 

We're gearing up for a camping trip this weekend. This is the relaxed kind of camping, where there's actually a bathroom a hundred feet from our site. No need to be a hero. Some of the hard core GUYS think we're total wimps, but we just want to have a good time. That includes having the car NEXT to the site in case it starts pouring. And other amenities too. Like the ability to LEAVE the campsite and eat a good meal out, in case we can't get the fire started.

But since we're going to be in the great outdoors we thought it appropriate to talk about hats today. OK, not the greatest segue, but here goes anyway.

Dear Guys,

My boyfriend wears a hat all the time. He wears them when we
go out to a restaurant or to parties. He does look cute in them, but he never
takes them off. And he’s got a bunch of different ones that he rotates. What
should I think about this? Are there other guys like this?


Monica, North Carolina


Dear Monica,

Some guys wear hats as a way to create an identity or make a
fashion statement. All of THE GUYS do wear hats, but usually it’s because we
need some protection from the sun, or we’re playing sports, or most likely we
HAVEN’T showered. We’d say generally, wearing a hat is an easy way of dealing
with the day without having to clean ourselves up. We’re hoping that’s not why
your boyfriend wears his. Going weeks without soap is never a good thing.


Have you brought the subject up at all? If so, what was his
reaction? We say this a lot, but communication is the key. If you’re not sure
how to broach the subject, try starting with a positive. Something like, “You
look so cute in your hats.” “Did you always wear them as a kid?” Get him to
start talking and then ask him about wearing them out with you. And then tell
him you don't love it when he wears them out on a date with you. If he doesn’t like it, well at least he knows where you
stand. You’ll have a much more honest relationship if you talk about this. And
that’s always the best policy in our minds. You know he might think you like
his look since you are dating him. If you tell him otherwise, he may be
happy to leave them at home.


We just have to ask. Does he really wear them ALL OF



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