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So it's time to reveal the topic written by the GUEST BLOGGER. Drum ROLL PLEASE………….

He wrote about "Entourage."

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Congrats if you got it right.

Next Thursday, we'll continue our Hot or Not? series, with another GUEST. This time a female. Will it be easier to guess? Check it out next week. 

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Now it's time for another relationship question.

Hi Guys,

I’m being set up on a blind date. My friend gave the guy my
number two weeks ago and he hasn’t called. She also gave me his number. Should
I call him or wait? I hear he’s an interesting guy, so I’d like to go out with
him, at least once.

Rachel in Massachusetts

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for writing. We’re going to make this short and

Don’t call him. If he really wants to call you, he will.
He’s probably a bit skeptical, being that it is a blind date. It’s probably not
his first choice of how he’d like to meet people. Nor yours, we’re sure. So sit
tight. If he lost your number and he’s still interested he’ll retrieve it from
your friend. Let him step up to the plate and be responsible. We think he
should take the initiative.

But let’s not project too much. Just wait a bit. If you haven’t called your
friend yet, give her a call and see what she thinks.

Keep us posted.

The Guys

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  1. Governor Bradford // July 12, 2009 at 9:01 am //

    Rachel. I agree that he should call you. He maybe hesitant to call for many reasons. A good way to make contact is via email. There again let your friend do some discovery for you and see where things end up. If he still doesn’t call then move on. The Summer is too short these days.

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