This guy said I look swell

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Hey Guys,

A family that I’ve been close with came into town for a couple of days. The family has two sons. One is 18 or 19 yrs. old, and the other son is 23. I am 20 almost 21, which puts me smack dab in the middle of both of them. Throughout the night I talked to both of the guys about what they’ve been up to since they left. At the end of the night I ended up getting hugged three times by the younger one and four times by the older one. Before I turned to leave the older one talked to me on a different level than he has in years past. He gave me one of those hug hugs. You know the kind that means more than friends. After that he told me it was nice seeing me and such, and he said that I’m looking swell. Which caught me off guard since he has never said anything like that before to me. He’s always been nice but it was different tonight.

What does it mean when a guy tells you that you look swell?


Dear Danielle,

Thanks for your note.

First of all we don’t know any guys who use the word swell. It seems a funny choice of words, and somewhat antiquated, but we understand what he was trying to say. It’s his way of telling you he thinks you’re really cute, or possibly hot, without revealing his true intentions. Of course to us, his intentions are totally transparent.

It’s clear both of these guys are young and not sure how to approach you. We do understand—since you’re long time family friends—it’s tricky terrain to navigate, but their approach seems so awkward: hugging you and saying you look swell?

But rest assured, they are both into you, unless they’ve always been chronic huggers. Guys love getting hugs from cute women. And these guys snagged seven over the course of the evening! WOW, that’s close to a record.

So who’s it going to be Danielle? Are you interested in the younger brother or the older brother?

We suggest you wait and see what happens on this one. No use creating a family rift. It’s better they work this out internally before one of them pursues you. Eventually one of them will make their intentions known.

Good luck, and keep us posted. We’re definitely curious to hear how this all turns out.


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