Two questions today: How does he like to be licked?…..and…. Am I too controlling?

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The Guy’s Perspective Podcast Episode 37: Glee, Dunkin Donuts Psychic, Bratz, Slow Jams Contest

Question #1

Dear Guys,

Do guys like to be licked slowly from their feet up to the “main event?”


Dear Gin,

Thanks for your question.

First of all, all guys are different, so it’s difficult to give you a definitive answer to your question. We would assume your statement is true for some guys, but not all. But we can say this: all men like to be licked in places other than their “main event.” And if your slow and deliberate movement toward the “main event” isn’t actually turning him on, the anticipation of you reaching the final destination is.

And we certainly have never heard of any guy getting upset over a woman experimenting with various areas of his body, trying to figure out where those other sweet spots are.

So in essence the answer to your question is yes. Because even though we hate to stoop to an overused phrase, we will say that there is one phrase that sums it all up: It’s all good.

Happy licking,


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Question #2:

Dear Guys,

Am I being controlling when I ask my wife where she is going to be when she goes out with her girlfriend and some other guy, also from where they work?


Dear Tom,

Thanks for your question.

We’d like to know the context  a bit better, but our first reaction is, “No.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with asking your wife where she’s going, especially if it’s out at night and there’s another guy involved. But here’s the thing. It sounds like your wife thinks you’re too controlling, and that is an entirely different matter, which brings a larger issue into the fold. Is there a general trust issue going on between the two of you?

Marriage should be an open book with no secrets that might diminish or undermine the bond that has been formed. Couples with a strong bond happily tell their partners where they’re going, what they’re up to, and when they’ll be home. It’s not about lack of trust, it’s about understanding that even when you’re out and about in the world, your marriage or partnership comes first.

Having friends outside of the relationship is great, but they should never in any way threaten the primary relationship. There’s nothing wrong with her having a friend of the opposite sex, but if you suspect something more, or she feels defensive when you ask her about it, you need to work this out together. Here’s a good rule to follow: If it doesn’t work for both people in a relationship, it doesn’t work.

It sounds like the two of you need to spend some quality time together, talking about your feelings, and working through some of these trust issues.


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