We meet for sex; how can I make him fall for me?

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Hi Guys,

So, my story is: I met this guy at swimming class. We would look at each other like we knew we were into each other. Finally, he decided to talk to me after a year. I ended up adding him on Facebook and we started talking all summer. He invited me over. Everything went quite fast (dont judge me) but we had sex that same day. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months and we just speak to meet for sex.

How do I make him fall for me? I’m not madly in love with him or anything but I want him to want something else.

Thank you!!


Dear E,

Thanks for your question. We don’t judge here, so feel free to be as honest as you like. That said, we also try to be as honest as we can.

Right now you’re in a Booty Call situation or FWB (Friends with Benefits.) Your guy has come to expect sex whenever the two of you get together. And that he doesn’t have to work for it. Not that guys should always have to work for sex, but it seems with the advent of online dating and dating apps like Tinder, guys have grown lazy, and even more so, have grown to expect sex, just for showing up.

This may seem like a home run for guys, but actually, it’s not. Because when it comes to having an actual grown up relationship, many guys are ill-prepared to take that leap and end up being unable to move forward. Why? Because relationships require a bit more effort than nights of Netflix, take out Chinese and sex.

This does not bode well for the state of relationships. And for you specifically, because you’ve already defined your relationship with this guy. It is possible that you could shift his thinking, but it’s unlikely. If he wanted a more serious relationship with you he would have already suggested it.

Our Advice: Learn from this. And the next time, define the relationship before you have sex. Or at least around the same time. (Check out our Ebook on the Topic. And other topics about FWB. Coming soon.)

All the Best,


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