We smile; does he like me?

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TGP Episode 33: Dating questions, dentist fees, pet peeves

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Dear Guys,

Okay, so ever since the start of school this year, I have had this crush on a guy. He is in almost every single one of my classes.

My friends say that they catch him staring at me all the time, and on occasion, I catch him looking my way, and we both smile.

The reason I am doubting this, is because I see him hang out with his other “girl friends” and he acts all giggly and cracks jokes.

I don’t know what I should do. Should I ask him straight up, or just wait.

I am VERY shy and modest when it comes to telling a guy I like them, and if I should tell him, what are some subtle hints that I could use?

P.S Thanks in Advance <3


Dear Evita,

Thanks for your question.

We’re assuming you’re in high school based on the information you provided us. We apologize if we got that wrong.

A high school boy wants a sure thing; meaning if he’s not completely 100% sure you’re into him, he probably won’t do much but stare at you surreptitiously and smile when you bust him. As far as the other girls he’s giggling with, we wouldn’t worry about that so much. High school boys like the attention of girls, and they’ll do almost anything to get it, even if the girls are just friends. And probably if he really liked one of them you would have heard about it by now. Gossip is spread rather quickly isn’t it?

So what should you do?

If you were older we would give you different advice. Typically we like the direct approach. But the high school scene has its own set of rules, and we can completely understand if you don’t want to go up to this guy and tell him that you’re into him.

Here are the two best solutions we can think of.

1. Get one of your friends to “leak” to him the fact that you think he’s cute, or something along those lines. They don’t even have to say you like him just that he’s cute; that way if he isn’t into you, you can save a little face. (If you care about that.) But if he does like you that knowledge should embolden him and give him the confidence to approach you. If he doesn’t do anything after he possesses that information then he’s either not interested or he’s not ready to date.


2. You could ask him to study together. That might be a good excuse to approach him, without giving away completely that you like him. This way you can get to know him a bit better away from the complicated social scene of the school. And then see where it goes.

Otherwise you can just wait to see what happens; and keep smiling.

Please keep us posted.


ps. Your friends sound like they’re looking out for you. That’s a good thing! Check back for comments even after the post goes to the archives. Our readers are very insightful.

4 Comments on We smile; does he like me?

  1. Hey Thanks!
    This really was helpful, but now there is another little bump in the road with the guy that I like. He has just started asking me for relationship advice for this Senior at another school! So yeah, just trying to keep my cool here….

    <3 Evita

  2. @Evita….we’ll try and get to it as soon as we can. In the meantime, hang in there.

  3. Dear Guys,

    Ok, so I had previously asked a question about the guy I like, and some ways to get him to notice me… when he started to ask me for relationship advice for this guy he likes… yeah, that caught me very off guard.

    We were in the middle of our class, and he asked me things like “how do I get a girl to notice me” and “If I tell her that I like her, even though she has a boyfriend, will she slap me?”

    I don’t know if that means he trust me as a friend, or he is trying to do something else. I know the statements above that he had said are pretty straight foward, but the part I am not sure about is that he said that this girl he likes, is alot like me, exept she is a senior and I am a freshman.

    He had also said about how how stupid he is, and i tried to make him feel better, but he just wouldnt believe what a special guy he is.

    Do you think he could just be “fishing” for answers to his own questions in me? or is he really interested in this other chick, and should move on?


  4. @Evita……We moved your comment here. Seemed easier.

    Honestly it seems that he views you as a trusted friend: someone whose opinion matters a lot to him.
    If he’s into you and is going about it this way we think that’s pretty weak, even for a guy his age. So we wish we could tell you otherwise but that’s our opinion. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Take care.

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