Why did he block and delete me from Facebook?

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This happened last year but I’m still upset about it. There was this guy I really liked and we had been talking a lot on Facebook and also texting nearly every day for an entire month. He kept asking me out but I couldn’t because his timing was always bad. But each time I apologized for not being able to go. Then I asked him out and he stood me up.

One day he just suddenly stopped talking to me. It lasted for two weeks and then suddenly he sent me a message on Facebook telling me that he recently got involved with somebody else and he was sorry. I said I was okay with it even though I wasn’t and asked him if we could still be friends and he said it was fine. A week after that I  posted a message on his wall basically just to say happy Easter. (Nothing creepy, weird or romantic at all.) And that night he blocked and deleted me off Facebook. I’m confused and am trying to figure out why he did that.

This is not the first time a guy has suddenly stopped talking to me. I feel like I’m cursed because it’s happend SO many times 🙁


Dear Jo,

Thanks for your question.

Here’s a likely scenario. He told his new girlfriend about you, and she felt threatened. So he appeased her worry by blocking and deleting you from Facebook. (This may have also been satisfying to him as well since you rejected him so many times.)

We’re not sure why his timing was bad, and why you couldn’t go out with him if you really liked him, but hopefully you’ll be more open next time something like this comes up. Is this a pattern with you? Were you playing hard to get? What’s the deal?

Women might hear that men like the chase, but only to a certain point. After a while we lose interest and focus our attention on something that seems more attainable. It sounds like he may have reached that point with you. It might be something to keep in mind as you go forward. If you really like a guy, try making yourself more available. It might surprise you how well that strategy works.

We’re sorry this didn’t work out for you. And no you’re not cursed.

Good luck,


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10 Comments on Why did he block and delete me from Facebook?

  1. I think it’s definitely heat from the new gf. Some are not very open to the idea of guys having girls as friends. (especially ones that have asked him out before.)

  2. I have known this guy for two years and worked with him for the first year after we met. When I first met him he is the one who made contact with me first, he emailed me, asked for my number to text and call me, he also added me to skype and he would IM me throughout the day. We hung out for lunch and break everyday, we talked for hours right after work as well thru txt, skype and phone. He always said that he enjoyed talking to me and that he wished he could talk to me more everyday. I enjoyed his company as well and I liked having him as a friend, I enjoyed talking to him and laughing with him. We did have a quick fling, nothing serious and it turned more into a quick half one night stand, we kissed and played around and eventually started to have sex but before we could go any further he stopped himself and said that we could not go through with it and we never should and that we should just remain friends, so I agreed. He often said that he was not looking for attachtment and often told me so I also agreed and left it at that. Anyway, he left his place of work due to some circumstances but we still continued to be friends and keep in touch over the course of the next year,talking often, texting often and calling once in a while to check up on each other. When I first met him I did not know that he was married but during the last year he had got divorced, he would call and tell me personal things about his situation and I would give him advice, he would ask me about my situation and if I was still with my man, etc. I would give him info on new job openings etc. just basically being his friend, I would let him come to me by letting him call, text. I care about friendships and not only with him but with others I have come to know. Anyway, he recently started to act hot and cold with me, my friend not my friend by being distant for weeks, then he would come back and ask to join his church then go cold again for weeks on end and ask to connect emails a different way only to go cold again and would take f!
    orever t
    o txt back, he would txt me and then when I would respond he would tell me to hold on and then leave me hanging for weeks without a response, he did this often and I let it blow over. When I would txt to see how he was doing he would answer with one word answers, again I let it blow over. He was currently going through a divorce and I knew he was going through a lot in his life, but I was also going through a lot and thought that we could still talk and give each other advice, a shoulder to lean on of sorts when I needed someone to talk to like he had me when he needed. I started to notice more and more that he was doing things like ignoring me or not wanting to talk too much, I thought maybe he had a girlfriend and so I left him alone just in case. I did not want to come between him and a new girl in his life but he always stated that he was alone when I would text. I also noticed that when he would post on his facebook and he had about ten other people comment in his post to include me with the exact same comment, he would acknowledge them all with a response except me, he did that on more than one occassion and I let it slide up until a couple of weeks ago when I called him on it and called him on a few other things he has done to me like ignore my texts, blows hot then cold then hot when he wanted attention, etc. So I asked him to be honest with me and with himself as to whether he wanted to be my friend or not because to me a friendship is a two way street, not a one way. I stold him that I seen lots of hints he had been leaving me over the course of a few months and he only came to me when he wanted to talk but when I wanted he would answer with one word sentences or wait a week or more to answer back. I told him that I had always enjoyed being friends, at least I thought that we were friends and that I just wanted him to be honest and tell me why he was doing what he was doiing to me. I wished him well, wished him all the best and was not mean to him about the way I said any of what I told him but!
    yet he
    went as far as deleting me off his Facebook, Blocking me from all Emails and Phone within a couple of days after me telling him. In my opinion he went to extremes for me being forward and upfront as to why I thought he was acting the way he was. What a sissy way (that is the nice way of putting it) for a man to get out of answering simple questions. In my opinion he never cared even an ounce as to being friends for two years. I am a fool for ever believing but life goes on and so now since he deleted me of FB I have gone ahead and blocked him so that he will never see me in any searches, etc. He wanted me out of his life and he got me out so if he ever comes running back with a txt in the future I will be in the ignore mode because he does not deserve my time anymore. My focus is on my family and he is just a phase passing by, someone that I used to know. But I would like to see what others opinions are on this situation, what is your take on his behavior, do you see the same thing I seen or was I making it begger than it was, he is about 11 years younger than me and he is a Leo by the way, anyway I am thinking he was playing me all along for the two years but would like you all to give me your opinion as well. Thanks.

  3. @Vic….We responded to your question on your other post/comment. Thanks.

  4. Hi guys
    A so called friend has deleted me from facebook and I don’t know why.
    We were laboratory partners at university for a couple of months and we got along very well. A couple of days ago we had our last experiment, it was in a dark room, away from the other students, just him and I. We had so much fun while working together, and I thought we were becoming good friends. After an hour or so I got out of the room and some of the students were looking at me with a cheeky smile, so I thought they had malicious thoughts about us just because we were alone in the room. I ignored them, got back in the room and carried on working.
    The next day, I checked facebook and noticed he had deleted me. I was so shocked because there was no sign from him of not liking me, we bonded each week more and more and I had to admit I started fancying him a little because he was so easygoing and charming.
    I called a psychic and she said he heard some gossips about us and because he’s seeing someone he had to delete me. I don’t know whether to believe her, although it would make sense because I saw the guys faces when we got out of the room. But how can someone be so foolish to be influenced by others? I even thought that he might have noticed that I was getting attached to him and he preferred to delete me. How can a guy that likes you delete you from facebook?
    I know you’re not a mind reader but it would be nice some other point of view.

  5. @Niki…….Him having a girlfriend is certainly one logical explanation for deleting you from Facebook. He probably fancies you and feels guilty about it. She probably got wind of something going on, so he decided the best plan of action was to show her that you weren’t a threat by deleting you. She also might not know exactly who you are so by deleting you he’s hiding you from her. (We do think he has a thing for you.) We’re not saying he has plans on pursuing you, at least not right now. But he might if the two of them break up. If we were betting men we’d say you’ll be getting some sort of explanation from him at some point. We’re not psychics and don’t even necessarily subscribe to that world, but that’s how we see this playing out. The problem is you have no control over this unless you ask him about it. Have you thought about doing that?

  6. Hey i knew this guy sense we were kids. We had lost touch and start talking again after 3 years. We had sex because i thought we were working on a relationship. i didnt want to have sex with him but i did it anyway. but he never call again he took me off his instagram page and dont call anymore i dont understand why. He was the one who didnt last at all in bed and i thought we were friends working on a relationship he said he wanted to date me

  7. @Shell……We’re sorry. It sounds as if he wasn’t honest with you. Be aware that he might come around again when he wants sex. Might be best to move on from this “friendship.”

  8. Hey, so ik this guys. We started to see each other 3 years ago. It was going all well. But all the sudden he stopped talking to me. I tried talking to him but he kept ignoring me, like I don’t even exist. But I have caught him staring at me all the time. Also, I heard his friends talking abt me and they also stare at me. But one day, he just deleted me from fb, for no apparent reason. Even tho he deleted me, he keeps on looking at me and his friends are still talking abt us being together. i don’t understand why would he stare at me, if he doesn’t like me and deleted me of fb. He still listens to my convo with my friends. He still gets jealous, if I hangout with my male friends. Honestly, I’m really confused. He had feelings for other girls in past , but he never deleted them. So why me ?

  9. @Mini…..How old are you? Him? Sometimes younger guys will do inexplicable things to the girls they’re interested in. So it’s possible that he deleted you because he’s really into you. Of course it’s also possible that he deleted you because he thinks you’re interested in him and that makes him uncomfortable. (We actually don’t get this sense based on what you’re describing. More that he likes you.) However, this is all guess work. Any way you could find out through a friend? What do you mean you saw him for three years? Was it a serious relationship? Did he break up with you or just stop talking to you?

  10. Sorry I meant to say we were seeing each other for 3 years. And he stopped talking to me.

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